Battery operated thermostat with probe hack

Dear all, does anyone know of a ZigBee (maybe Z wave) thermostat which has an external probe or sensor. I'm trying to create a pipe thermostat and/or a probe for a hot water cylinder pocket. Ideally battery operated. I'm in the UK and was wondering if anyone knows of a product or a hack using a smart things temperature sensor for example (maybe a aqara sensor). Any pointers would be appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

Not really a hack, but probably the easiest, most reliable method to get data from a battery powered temp probe into HE is by using the Ecowitt/Ambient Weather system.

i.e. Ecowitt WN30 with the GW1000 Gateway.

Not ZigBee or Z-Wave but runs locally and the range is outstanding.
(Also lets you add many more needed sensors in the future. :smiley: )

Hi, cheers for this. So are these the only 2 pieces of equipment required. I was looking for a wind sensor a while back and someone recommend Ecowitt. I tried to research but it was a minefield online so I became a little overwhelmed. It's not big in the UK, so any additional advice would be welcomed

You may like this:

Cheers for this, I was looking for a battery operated version but it's certainly a consideration. @Ranchitat may be able to offer me a little more info on the ecowitt gear. It's a minefield for me. :+1:

The Qubino toy could be powered with 24-30 VDC
You can create a DIY 24V battery pack or use say,
5-6V battery with up converter.
There are plenty of up converters on Amazon and
Ebay. Both will be a DIY projects.

Do you need to know the exact temp or just when that pipe has reached/exceeded a narrow range?

Hi, I guess either would be useful. However, the more accurate the better I suppose :+1:

The hack discussed here has served to be robust in two applications for me. 1) using the subject vendor sensors that clamp directly to a pipe and trip open/close on a vary narrow temperature band, and 2) dropping their standard sensor into a freezer to trip upon leaving the critical freeze temperature window. The Zigbee contact switch I've used has also been failsafe as hacked, except for the fact that it is a battery operated solution.

The Senasys sensors are sold into all sorts of applications where things could go very very wrong if they failed. There is no doubt in my mind that they make one to fit any temp band/threshold alert or switching need you have ....but this will not give you an absolute temperature reading.

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