Battery Levels Don't Match

I have a rule that tells me if a battery falls below 20%. The rule lists all the battery devices and something I noticed that is new is their respective values are in the rule. Interesting...
One of the batteries shows a value of 20 in the rule so the rule has alerted me by speech and also gave the name of the sensor. All good so far.
Except if you go into the dashboard or the device page the battery level reads 55% for that same device!
So the values in the rule do not match the values of the device page and/or the dashboard.
Any ideas?

EDIT: Ok this is getting even more interesting!! This time it called out the Sliding Door Sensor as having the battery level at 20%!! The battery level for this sensor in it's device page is at 80%. It just picks one at random it seems.

Is it possible that the battery values is "flickering"? Check the event log of the devices in question and see if it is reporting battery event strangley.

The dashboard and device page should always show the current battery value. The rule can be triggered if the device reports a value below the threshold if even for just a second.

@stephack The event logs show a consistent value going back in the logs for days. The other strange part is it was picking devices at random to announce the battery was low or below 20%. Each of those devices had a battery of 55% or higher in the device event logs.

Are you using a wait in your rule?

@JBrown No just setvolume, speech and a repeat.

Just got another message on my phone that said yet another sensor has a battery level of less than 20%. The device page says it is 100%.

Could you do a screenshot of your rule?

@JBrown This is all I could capture but devices are the same top and middle.

I made the same rule, all the temperatures in the rule match my dashboard. Not sure what to tell you.

@JBrown All of mine match the dashboard as well. It is the speech that comes out wrong. It will say a random device has a battery level less than 20% but the device in dashboard and it's device page actually shows a much higher value. Each time the rule fires it picks a new device to report that the battery is less than 20% when in fact only one of them in that list is at 20% but it never mentions that one!

I’ll let my rule run and see if it happens to me.

What I think is happening is that you have a device that matches the 20% criteria and any time any one of you devices updates it battery status it sets off the rule. The %device% is just the device that reported last.


@stephack I think your right. So how would you get it to only tell you which device is low and ignore the last one that reported?

I also changed the battery in the device yesterday that is reporting 20% but it is not changing the value in the device page.

if its a zigbee device, just hit refresh on the driver details, if its Zwave you will have to wake it up, then hit refresh

@mike.maxwell It is the ZRC-90US remote and it is z-wave. Device page does not have a refresh or configure.

I did press the W button which says that will wake it up but it doesn't change the value of the battery in the device page because there is no way to tell HE to listen for it.

[quote="razorwing, post:14, topic:17379"]
because there is no way to tell HE to listen for it.
I have one sitting right on my desk, I'll check it out, see what's up with battery...

@mike.maxwell FYI Update: I have noticed that the remote sends to things when a button is pushed, the button itself and a second that is the battery level. I think that is what this says. I copied it from the manual.
"Battery low indication: The unit will detect battery status after key pressed, the LED will flashes 3 times rapidly then stay off when battery low is detected. Meanwhile, it will report battery low status to gateway automatically."

Can you go into the device logs and screen shot the two conflicting battery reports?
It seems as if the driver isn't interpreting the battery low payload correctly, not a big deal is you can't, I can hook up mine to an adjustable power supply and simulate this if need be.

@mike.maxwell I am not sure if this is what you wanted but if not let me know where to find the info you need. I was in events for the remote and got these 2 shots. There is quite a long interval between it reporting the battery. Seems way too long. There are a ton of button pushes in-between these so it could have reported a battery sooner if it wanted.

Should the "State Variables" have any entries?

Your battery is reporting back more than the event log shows. The event is only logged if there is a change (in your case from 25 to 20%).

Here's the log for my Remotec for comparison:

@mike.maxwell Why is mine only reporting the levels so far apart? Does your device page show the correct battery level.
New twist. Changed batteries in the remote. Battery still shows 20%. I have pushed several buttons and no transmission of the new battery level was performed.
ADD: just changed the batteries in another zrc90 that was 25% and pushed several buttons and the device page still shows 25%, so it is not the first remote having a problem only.