Basic rule vs rule machine using Zooz Zac36 valve

I have narrowed down my problem closing a Zooz Zac36 ball valve. If I use a basic rule to open and close the valve it works perfectly.



If I use the rule machine the valve opens correctly but does not close correctly.



Any thoughts of what I might be doing wrong?

Your pictures didn't come through, could you please try to post them again?

The order of images is incorrect. The logs are reversed.

There is a known bug with Rule 5.1 in 2.3.0 where the "open/close valve" actions will always open the valve, even if the option is toggled to close. This will be fixed in 2.3.1.

See here for a related discussion:


Thank you

I think there is a workaround to use "OFF" instead of "CLOSE" if I remember correctly.

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