Background usage

I saw this today on my new iPhone 11 pro max. What could it be doing? iOS 13 app is 1.0.5

22 hours of usage in the last 24 hours??? Something seems wrong.

Mine isn't doing that. Granted we could be using our apps/phones differently -- I have a Xs... But mine has used 16 minutes in the last 10 days.

If it's running in the background, maybe try a force end. And sometimes a reboot helps if a rogue app is acting up.

If you tap "show battery usage" mine shows "Background Location". ie It has to stay running in the background in order to do its geofence thing.

Mine is using geofence as well, and I have had this happen before. Force close the app. It should still be sending geo events, just not killing your battery. Mine shows 16 hours over the past 10 days.

While I get that, Life360 in the same screenshot used 2 hours during the same period.

I started seeing this yesterday as well. I'm using Locative which shows a 24h usage of about 8 minutes while Hubitat shows 23h. My wife's phone only showed 3h but that was still a lot more than her Locative use at 6 minutes.

I haven't tried killing it yet but even 16 hours over 10 days seems like a lot more than it would need (at least based on my Locative usage which seems to be signaling my location just fine).

Is there some reason Hubitat would be updating more frequently?

Seeing same thing. Huge amount of background usage.

I have been force closing the app and location still works fine. I now have 2 minutes of background activity over the last 24 hours. I only use the app for location really.
I can't imagine it would be refreshing the dashboard in the background. It's probably just a bug.

I turned off geofence to see if that would help. Nope. 23hours 32 mins in the last 24 hours...

But is your battery draining unusually fast? I think when it says background, its not draining the battery at anything like the rate if it was in the foreground or "on screen".

I can't speak for the other instances of this but can confirm it was draining my battery quite a bit. I went from 100% to 63% in about 4 hours.... once I disabled location for the app, I saw no such drain (it's typically about 85% in 4 hours).

on the iPhone, the geofence use the iOS location stuff which uses cell towers and wifi when available and only rarely GPS, and is designed to run way deep in the background and not drain the battery, like running full-time GPS did in the old days.

Yes, I agree that's supposed to be the case but I can tell you that's not what I'm experiencing on an iphone 11 pro. It worked just fine on my XS but since switching a few weeks ago I found the battery was draining much quicker. After looking at the stats and then subsequently disabling location for Hubitat, I no longer see it draining.

I can also tell you that the battery graphs on an iphone show the percentage the app has used the battery compared to others so when it shows Hubitat at the top this does mean Hubitat has drained more than the other apps listed.

I don't really know what would've changed as I didn't see this before but I can confirm it seems present on my wife's iphone 8 as well and the only commonality is ios 13 so maybe something's different there, I don't know.

FYI- The latest TestFlight version (1.0.5 (60)) appears to have resolved the excessive Background Activity battery usage on 13.x.

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Agreed. Seems fixed for me too

I installed the latest version (60) yesterday and under events on the device page it is departing and returning every 5-30 minutes since the update. It isn’t killing the battery, but it’s kind of useless now. Previously, if I force closed the app it worked fine for geo without running down the battery.

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Seems to be fixed on 61

New user and the app is crushing my battery. Has the production version of the app addressed this?

I'm having this same problem on my iPhone 11 Pro. I don't think force closing the app helps as I've been trying to do that as much as possible. I'm still seeing Hubitat app using 37% of my battery! with almost 22 hours of background activity! This is crazy!

How did you get signed up for the testflight version? Anything has to be better than this! Current version of app is 1.0.7

Here’s the link Mobile App Public Beta Testing