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Good evening All,

After several weeks of effort trying to work with Hubitat, I have found the system to be totally unreliable, sometimes certain devices will work one day and not work the following day.

A good number of individuals in the community, were very helpful, trying their darndest to be helpful, I thank you all, but I will be going back to Vera, better have a system that is outdated but functional than a system that has all the bells and whistle but is unreliable.

Thank You all.


Guessing you didn't build a strong mesh but best of luck to you...


Looking at your history of posts it looks like you were having Z-Wave issues. Did you get them figured out? Specific issues were ghosts and Zooz 4-in-1s paired with S0 security. Fixing ghosts is critical for performance and may (or may not) require a Z-Wave stick along with Silicon Labs PC software. The older Zooz (500 series), even if paired without security, can bring your mesh down, and thus should probably be removed from your system. People here are pretty good at multi-step assistance, I'd encourage you to keep on trying.


Good morning bill.d, I think I was able to resolve the Z-wave issue, but then again, one can never be sure.

Bill, I hear users mention ghosts quite frequently, first, how can I tell if I have ghosts on my system, second, if I do find them, how do I remove them.

I excluded my Zooz 4-in-1, in order to avoid further problems, but I didn't see any change.

Thanks bill.

I'm not the best on Z-Wave as mine works and I don't pay much attention to it. Here is a link with information and available help.


If you still want to try to get it working (sounds like you may have already gone a different direction) feel free to post a screen shot of your zwave details page.

In general if you look at the zwave details page everything should have a route. If you have a device with no route that's likely a ghost. Removing them is usually fairly straightforward - the trickiest part is identifying what "real" device corresponds to your ghost, removing power from it, and then removing the ghost. Once the ghost is removed you can power up your working device.


If you look at your z-wave details page, they will have nothing in the routing column. These are detrimental to any z-wave mesh.

Actually I would look for ones with a "Discover" button. No route could be from a recent reboot.

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True but I've also see ghosts cause problems with legitimate devices showing routes as well. They come back once the ghosts are gone..Either way dey gots ta be busted.,. :slight_smile:

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