(BACK IN STOCK 1/9/20) New Zen34 from The Smartest House

If you didn't get the email.

ZEN34BETA will save you a couple bucks if you want one.


Says "sold out" for me. :cry: But that looks really neat! Hope to try one some day.

That was quick. I just ordered one about 15 minutes ago.

I got the email at 9:04 am, then ordered four of them at 9:08, and had a shipping confirmation at 9:29.

I'm glad I got my order in early! :slight_smile:


Definitely going to have to give this a try. Props to Zooz @agnes.zooz for putting out another useful looking product.


@agnes.zooz Please bring to Canada ASAP.

Pretty cute. :wink:

Would these switches work using ABC or other button controller apps?

I've been using AduroSmart ERIA that works the same way. I have a few of them throughout the house, even simulating a 3-way functionality.

Ultimately it depends on how the driver brings the real-world events into Hubitat, but the convention is for Z-Wave Central Scene notifications from a device to be created as button events by Hubitat drivers (see: the stock driver for other Zooz switches/dimmers, the stock and Inovelli drivers for Inovelli switches and dimmers, etc.--and the fact that this functionality is more or less what most users would expect to be a button event). From the docs, these do support Z-Wave Central Scenes.

(Along those lines: for once, a manufacturer who understands that a lot of us don't want secondary controllers or Z-Wave Association to be the only way to use button devices...yay!)

So: that answer should be yes. :slight_smile:


Driver will be in 2.2.4


I was on pins and needles until your last sentence. :wink:

What took you so long? :wink: :smiley:

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You're using an HE integration w/it?

Absolutely. They show up in Button Controllers app. Work great. The button part is removable.

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Yes, that is another option. But the Eria is really different compared to this new Zooz product.
Probably the biggest difference is the ability to add to a multiple gang. In other words if I currently have a 2 gang cover plate for 2 existing switches, I could simply go to home depot pick up a 3 gang cover plate and install this remote beside the existing two gang. This is a feature that people love about the picos and it looks like it will be possible with this zooz as well (users will need to confirm). I do not think this is possible with the Eria, please correct me if I am wrong.

The other difference is this is zwave 700 series vs. zigbee. It looks like it will allow for direct zwave association which is not possible with zigbee. Zigbee has to communicate with the hub in order to send an automation command to another device.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this might be the only device (other than a pico) that you could add to an existing decora cover plate, simply by purchasing a cover plate with one more spot.

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Nice device.. It's really fast and 700 series with 2 CR2032 batteries, it should last a long time. The magnetic base plate would easily fit next to a double gang to make a triple gang..

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That's pretty cool. I don't need anything like that, but it is still pretty cool.

The Eria can do that too--it's attached under its included plate to a bracket that looks a lot like the one I see in the Zooz shots. I'm not saying the Eria is actually a good device, just that this isn't one of its problems. :slight_smile:


The RGB Genie micro remote also can do this, and is Zigbee for those who want it. It doesn't look exactly like a "normal" switch like this Zooz and the Pico though. And it is quite a bit more expensive than a Pico, but close to this Zooz in price.


I like the look of that, thanks for the heads up. How many different button presses are available in hubitat with the device (I think the pico has something like 10). How is the battery life?

I have a strong zigbee and zwave mesh in my house, so I don't really care about one over the other, they both work great for me. All my battery devices are zigbee, plus the door lock.

Battery life seems OK, but nowhere near a Pico. Maybe will need one every 1-2 years depending upon how often you use it?

I think there are 8 button presses if I am remembering correctly. I think the bottom two are press only while the top 3 are press, and hold.

And there are two different versions of this, one is a remote, and I think the other is a scene remote?