(BACK IN STOCK 1/9/20) New Zen34 from The Smartest House

Not that I need one for myself but I will definitely buy a bunch for Xmas gifts. So bring to Canada ASAP :crazy_face:.

When I was a boy, the guy across the street gave his wife an outboard motor for Christmas. She got even by giving him a fur coat for his birthday two weeks later.


This is exactly what I have been looking for a couple weeks now. If I had seen this earlier I would have picked one up.

We have two of those. Great remotes

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@agnes.zooz - check it out, you've got a winner here! :smiley:

Noticed something - you don't (as far as I can tell) have a "email/text me when this is in stock" option on your product pages. Money left on the table, my friend.


I’ve just sad I missed the limited stock! Seems like it was more popular than expected given the announcement email gave til the 15th to buy one.


Thanks for sharing word about the product @oldcomputerwiz!

It's great to hear you guys like the new device :wink: We had very limited stock in beta since it's our first 700 series device and our first remote so we knew we couldn't cover all the bases without the community's input.

We'll be collecting feedback on the product for the next couple of weeks before putting final touches on the firmware and (fingers crossed) hope to have a wide release by the end of December. Canada should be around 2 weeks behind the US.

Consider it noted, my friend :wink: We're on it! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for making it happen Bryan!


I will be waiting by my mailbox for my special edition Zen34. (I mean, you'll make millions off my idea!)

P.S. Zooz double plug looks like it's settled down on 2.2.4 beta...staying connected, staying responsive. :slight_smile:

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Yeah,I am not giving them to people without a hub but you did give me ideas...

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As a child my father gave his mother a football for her birthday. :smiley:

Since then, when any family member gives a present that seems like the giver really wanted it for themselves, that present is called a football. :wink:

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Nah missed out! Was hoping to grab a few to go with the new switch or curtains coming out!


Get in touch and we'll let you know once it's available again, while we work on adding that "back in stock" notification to the site :wink:


I have received my Zen34 Remotes and I like them. :slight_smile: It is very nice that they fit the Decora wall plates so I was able to one to a two gang box.
All of them paired with ease. One didn't report its battery level for the first 24 hours, but is now. I look forward to the driver being in 2.2.4 so I can take advantage of the 3x + tap functions.

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Has Hubitat confirmed that they'll support anything beyond doubleTapped in a stock driver? I've often half-joked (but am also half-serious) about adding something like up to a QuintupleTappable capability to accommodate scene devices like the HomeSeer and Inovelli devices that can do this (the most of any I've used), but with clean, stock capabilities, Hubitat maxes out at two right now and they've historically not expressed interest in doing much beyond that. :slight_smile:

There are workarounds--often just using different button numbers--and I'm not 100% sure my half-joke above is really the best way to go (seems to me like a way to define the number of buttons and the capabilities for each would get you the closest match for the device, but it would be a departure from what already exists), but that's only half the story. The other half is that I've heard staff say, perhaps also half-jokingly but half not, that they don't think people can remember more than a couple taps per button anyway.

You're right, they haven't confirmed that. It would be real nice to at least have the triple tap.

Wait until you get to be my age and have to label all the switches and buttons because you can’t remember what a single tap does.

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Why are US Switches so ugly looking and clumsy and its seems to be so accepted by u all? Why doesn't any company start designing from scratch ? @agnes.zooz for example Its a small button with megahuge frame and old Trackscrews....

The US National Electric Code (NEC) has strict requirements for junction boxes that contain these switches (as well as the screw sizes). The size of switches and switch covers has been standardized. Most manufacturers of smart switches try to comply with the code while making devices that technically and visually incorporate into the existing infrastructure. Adherence to these standards helps to keep people from getting injured or killed as well as help to keep houses from burning down. :slight_smile:

I understand that but in Europe the manufactures have made new junctionboxsizes and get them standardized so they can make more sizes and models. Should be possible in us to... Its very strange that Philips Hue for example only have the us version. In Eu they are non compatible but still they sell them a lot here.....

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What driver are you using with these? (the Eria device mentioned in this thread)