B&D roller doors

Hi all. Love the page. This stuff is addictive.

Quick question, has anyone connected fibaro smart implant to their B&D roller door? Ifnplease share the experience. I am hoping this isn't too complex and hopeful it's straight forward.. also can you change parameters with a built in app? Or are we required to download a custom built app for this.


It’s pretty easy, I don’t think mine is the same brand but they all work the same way.

I’ll post some info tomorrow.

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Perhaps this may help....?


So here's how I do it (mine is a Boss but they all work the same way):


As you can see, I was able to power the SI from the door motor

I use this driver:

With the following config:

And this App to manage the door:

With the following config:

Download the Hubitat app