Avoiding Duplicates Integrating Lutron & Hue?

Hey folks. HE newbie here transitioning from ST to HE. I'm in the process of transferring my Lutron switches and Hue bulbs from ST to HE. My biggest concern is avoiding duplicates- especially in Alexa. Do folks have any tips or best practices for getting them set up? Do I need to wipe my Alexa clean of all the previous instances as a first step? Certain order to do things?

Possibly important: I use the Lutron and Hue hubs.

There are a couple of different ways you could set it up:

1.) Connect Lutron and Hue to Hubitat and then connect Hubitat to Alexa.
2.) Connect Lutron and Hue to Hubitat and Alexa separately. If you then connect Hubitat to Alexa just make sure to not select the Lutron and Hue devices.

Either way is fine. The key to avoiding duplicates the last point in number 2. When connecting Hubitat to Alexa, you can select which devices get brought over.

In our house, we use Google Home with Lutron and Hue too. I connected Hue to Google via the Matter beta and use CoCoHue to connect to Hubitat. For Lutron, I used Hubitat to bring them over. However, I only did that because Google wanted to treat my on/off switches as lights when I directly connected them. With Hubitat, they came over as plain on/off switches.

Lutron and Hue hubs connect directly to HE. (Use cocohue for Hue and the built in lutron integration) They will populate the device page for you. Do not connect those bulbs directly to hubitat if you plan on using sensors as well. 1.2 ZLL bulbs do not play well on the same mesh as 1.2 ZHA devices (sensors and what not) because the 1.2 zll make bad repeaters/messengers. The exception to this is Sengled bulbs as they don't repeat. 3.0 zigbee is fine.

Sounds like for simplicity and mesh hygiene, I'll connect the hue and lutron hubs to HE and then have Alexa discover them through HE.

What is cocohue? Isn't there a native integration for hue?

Edit: Nm. I thought to look it up... Looks like its just a better integration. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Install Hubitat Package manager. This will make it easier to install addons like Cocohue and whatnot

Take a gander at this. It will help you avoid some of the gotchas since you're new to the platform.