Avoiding customs taxes by joining a club

As a European user, the main reason for me not to upgrade my HE is because of the added price of customs. Not only is the hardware more expensive for overseas, but taxes can get ridiculous and price out the HE for some.

At least for my country (Portugal), and I believe the rest of the EU, customs are factored according to Price + Shipping, so it can balloon easily. You can't avoid these taxes, and I would never ask Hubitat to label it a "gift", so as to avoid these fees, as that is illegal. However, to reduce the overall cost of purchasing a Hubitat, I'd like to float an idea to the community and the HE Team.

What if there was a membership for overseas customers, where we would pay a fee for admission, in exchange for a reduced price on Hardware, thus effectively reducing the cost of the hardware itself?

Here is a practical example:

Currently, I would buy an EU C-8, costing me 150$ (full price). Then, shipping would be added to that, let's say 30$. Customs would then calculate my taxes based on those two points, and I would land somewhere around 230$ as the final price for one C-8.

What if we could join "Hubitat's EU/Asia/UK Club" for a "symbolic fee" of 160$, and each subscription would give me the right to buy 1 piece of Hardware at a discounted price of... say 20$ with free shipping to the respective region? (Extra points for regional pricing)

For Portugal, since taxes start with objects priced above 22€ (IIRC), it would exempt me from any additional payments, and save me quite a bit in the process.

I think this would benefit current overseas users immensely, whilst possibly casting a wider net for potential worldwide customers, and would be completely legal.

What does the community think about this solution?

Would you pay a "membership" fee in exchange for a one-time price reduction on hardware?
  • Yes
  • No

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I got my Hubitat from Ultrasmart.pl. That is in the EU and only shipping will be added to the prices shown.

Cheers Rene


I got my HE hubs from Ultrasmart.pl as well. The current list price of C-8 is €179.00 w/ very reasonable shipping cost :


Also have my C8 from Ultrasmart.pl
Fast service, reasonable prices, and good advise.

But I do share the opinion that EU could use some more love from Hubitat.
Most default supported devices are USA only.


Would it help if I went on holiday and picked up some hubs from the US on the way? Happy to take a donation for my trip if it helps.... And to take the trip in the first place...

(Hopefully the tongue-in-cheek remark translates effectively.... :smile:)


In many jurisdictions, this would be viewed for what it is - a tax avoidance scheme, and the seller would be subject to prosecution. Especially when the hub is also offered at its regular price. To avoid this, the "club" has to offer membership benefits beyond a reduction in the price of hardware.

If a scheme comes across as dodgy, it probably is .....

The simpler solution would be to use an EU-based reseller.

While I agree that it would be nice for more EU devices to have built-in drivers, I must point out that Hubitat is definitely making strides in that direction. For example, recent platform versions have built-in drivers for Frient devices.


Or AU.... Perhaps I am wearing out the joke now....


In US they also paying taxes. The prices for everything (even in a grocery store) does not include a local tax. So if you see an iPhone for 1000$ on the apple website - that price is without a tax. Same thing applies to hubitat I guess. I've got mine at Hubitat Elevation C8 Smart Home Automation Hub - Hubitat Elevation C8 hub and the price was ok.

Not in Oregon. :smile:

Edit: Currently.......

I live in Brazil, and the fees here are exorbitant: the price of a C8 bought through Amazon reaches US$ 358.00!

To avoid it I use to buy my gadgets when I travel, or to ask to friends are traveling to bring me...

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