Automation help: humidity sensor + extractor fan

I’m trying to setup the following automation and not sure how to go about it:

Given humidity sensor and extractor fan controlled by a ZigBee switch

When I switch on the fan manually and humidity is less than 80%
Then switch it off after 5 minutes

When humidity goes above 80%
Then switch on the fan

When humidity goes below 80%
Then switch off fan

Do I need to setup 3 rules in the Rule Engine? Or is there something else that will let me setup a single rule with multiple sub-rules?

You could try this, but I would encourage you to try "smart humidity fan" app. With your way, if a storm comes through, or depending upon humidity in the house, your fan might not come on or it might not turn off. I have had the fan turn on when I opened the windows on a mild, but humid day using a simple percentage.

With the app, it watches for a change in humidity, and once it rises at a certain rate, the fan turns on. It watches for the humidity to fall a certain amount, and starts a countdown timer, and then after the time turns off. It also turns the fan off after X minutes if you turn the fan on manually.

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Search for bathroom fan. You'll find a few community apps. You can also do it with Rule Machine 4.0 and just a single rule. However, you'll want to compare against a reference humidity. Otherwise, you'll have a fan the comes on when the ambient humidity is too high (unless you live in a very arid climate).


However, I will say that on occasion, I have had the version 4.0 rule not function exactly as I expected, and the fan was on when it should not have been. Not sure why. But this two rule version made with Rule Machine 3.0 works perfectly all the time.