Automating Dumb Pathway Lights

I am new to Hubitat (switching from SmartThings), and doing some research on installing some wired pathway lights in my front yard this summer. I'd like to just buy some dumb path lights and install them in such a way that I can just turn them on and off with a smart switch or outlet. I have an outlet in my crawlspace under the front of the house, so it would not be hard to put a smart outlet there and just plug the low voltage box in.

Has anyone else done something similar? Any suggestions for making it work well? Thanks!

Would one of these work for you? They also sell zigbee version of these.

Here is a thread on outdoor outlets.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys, but it appears I should have been a bit more clear. My question is more about any issues I might run into with the dumb lights than needing suggestions about which smart outlet to use. I have plenty of options for the smart outlet itself, but want to make sure I don't run into other issues with the actual low voltage converter.

For example, has anyone else done this same thing before with outside lights and had to somehow bypass the normal timer or something?

I run some 12 volts LED lights off a transformer and a zwave aeotec smart switch 6. It was slow to react the first evening, but has been reliable every evening since (lights my way to the alley to take out the compost). I have it controlled via homebridge and HomeKit, and the scene lights the porch lights, as well - I love it. Press a button on the iPhone and “bam!” - the yard is lit up.
Just made sure I had the transformer a few feet away from the outlet to prevent any possible interference.

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Thanks! I'm glad someone else is doing this, too. Sounds like I'm on the right track.

I am using this transformer

With some "dumb" landscape lighting and the GE ZW+ outdoor switch. Works great.

Thanks @erktrek! That's perfect.

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