Automating a wooden curtain pole

Hi All,

I want to automate my curtains, That is, I want to... The wife is not so keen.....

She has said yes but given conditions....

ive got to automate the poles weve got or provide automated ones that look the same....

All of our poles are the wooden type with the curtains on wooden rings.

Done a lot of googling without any success, any ideas?

Have a look at this. Don’t know anything about it though.

Thanks for that, they are a very interesting product arnt they? Problem is that they are cloud controlled i really dont want to run any of my devices that way if it can be avoided.

Is there a valance or anything covering the wooden pole?

I'd seriously think about whether switchbot is the way to go. From personal experience, and from what's posted online, their support is shocking. Lots of issues with the curtain device too. Of course, as always, YMMV.

no, no valance or pelmet


Your Mileage Might Vary - meaning, since our hub installations are bespoke, outcomes might not be the same.

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'your mileage may vary', i.e. you may find your own experience to be potentially better =)

edit - cross-posted.

check this (SwitchBot - Open your curtain and close your curtain using... | Facebook) for many angry comments.

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Needs to be reliable or wife will go into mad axe mode.... :crazy_face:


The zemismart zigbee and z wave Both work great. But i'm not sure how you would hide the rail behind the wooden pole.

Im certain that they do and ther are fine in a modern house but will look wrong in an 1898 period house, im trying to find out the dimensions of the track, without buying one to see if i can cut a a pole, in half ang glue it to the front of the track.

Think ive come up with a solution. 2 lead screws 1 left hand one right hand, joined in the middle and driven from one end with a stepper motor controlled by and arduino esp2866. ill keep you posted.



Parts are on the way!

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the parts have mostly arrived and ive spent the last 2 weeks leaning CAD and 3 d printing to print the motor & Bearing mounts photos to follow shortly but it seems to work mechanically, i just need to sort the electronics out.

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if this works, the wife is probably going to punch me.


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get your head guard on...... do you have a 3d printer?

nope. i do however have an angry 8 month old. doubt that helps =p

Interested to see this. I'm sure there are services to print something as a one-off. =)

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Heres some general pics showing the original pole mount and my 3d prototype evolution im working on the drive / bearing mount now, its still printing, but considering id never printed anything or used CAD before, im quite chuffed with myself.

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