Automate Christmas Colors?

Hi Hubitat Community...
Im a recent Wink convert and still learning much.
I'm hoping someone has a quick answer to this question.
I have some Sylvania color bulbs that light my front yard. I'd like to setup automation so that they alternate between green and red for a nice Christmas lighting effect.
If possible, I'd set them up so that 1/2 are red, the other 1/2 are green, and then they switch.
They should alternate every second or two, but Im not fussy on the exact timing, just fast enough to be noticable and not so fast as to be annoying.
How would the Hubitat gurus out there approach that challenge?
Much thanks in advance
Ken C.

This app may accomplish what you are wanting.


@byarnell05 -
That might just do the trick!
Thanks for the tip.
And Merry Christmas!

also my garden hue app lets you set colors and different for each indiv string.. i think the minim time i have is 1 minute though.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks @byarnell05 - a perfect solution that works well.
For other newbies like me, there's a short learning curve to figure out how to install the Hubitat Package Manager, but once that's done, it's smooth sailing.
I enjoyed playing with the various options in the Lighting Effects app and increasing my knowledge in the world of Hubitat.
And @byarnell05 has a bunch of other interesting apps worth looking at. (Now that I've figured out how to find and install apps from GitHub!)