Auto reconnect

Could someone tell me how to get to the advanced network setting on my c7 hub for enabling auto reconnect , and what the range of reconnect times is? No box appears in the user interface for auto reconnect, but documentation says it is available via http. Any help welcome…..

Do you have a link to the documentation you are referring to?

In the hubitat documentation under network set up it says…

Advanced Network Options

Some advanced network settings are currently not available via the UI but can be changed via HTTP endpoints if needed.

Modifying these settings is not recommended for most users. Use caution, and only modify settings that you understand and know are necessary on your network.

Other Options

  • Ethernet speed: Default setting is Auto negotiated (default) and recommended for most users. Selecting Fixed 100 Mbps is recommended only for users experiencing problems with the default setting (in particular, certain models of network switches have problems with auto-negotiation, with the most common symptom being slow loading of pages via the web interface).
  • Auto reconnect: Default is Disabled. If enabled, the hub will ping router at the specified interval and attempt to reconnect if no response. Use if hub drops off LAN while using Ethernet. This setting works with DHCP wired connections only (not static IP or Wi-Fi configuration).

What platform version is your hub on?

Also, do you satisfy these conditions for using this option?

Update your platform version.

Will do, but question remains…..

I see this in the Network Settings of my C-7 hub using an Ethernet connection, running the latest platform version:

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Might be a UI issue as I don't see it when viewing from my iPad, but believe it was showing from my laptop the last time I looked.


By that you mean what you see in Networking via your iPad? Odd....

so I have swapped from ipad to pc and now see this, not what you have...

at the top of your page I see 192.16.80.x. perhaps I should try this?

What do you see further down, below the Ethernet Speed section?

Bottom half of the page here... no auto reconnect setting

Have you tried updating the platform version?

yes, did that before the screen shots ...

What revision of the hub are you running? E.g. C-4, C-5, C-7, C-8?

what is the bit at the top of your screen which says...


That's unlikely to be your issue, it is me setting my DNS to a rpi I have configured as my DNS... Reverting to my router then Google if it is not available... Can't claim it works like I expect... :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I see what is happening, are you using a C-8? On Ethernet?