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@user3101 has seen what appears to be a difference in the Network Settings page compared to the documentation. I am wondering if it is a difference in what the C-8 hubs display compared to earlier revisions, or differently configured revisions. Any thoughts?

This is from my C-7 running the latest platform release and connected via ethernet:

This is my C-8, also running the latest platform release and connected via ethernet:

So, I have a C7. It is connected to my router via ethernet cable and I have the latest platform update (updated this morning). My screen looks like your c8 picture. Obviously I wish I could get your C7 picture.
Thanks for all your attempts ....

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Feels like one for the experts at this stage... well... by that I mean people other than me... Hopefully Gopher or someone else can offer an insight into what is happening.

Can you see if the question remains after updating?


Hi @sburke781
Forgive me for being very dense here but I cannot find a page with a header, ,'Networking'.
I have a C7 and a C8 and neither gets me to that page. I'm running
How do you get to the point of setting the auto reconnect?
I notice on your screen shot WiFi drivers and WiFi setting is in beta. Are you on a newer build?

At this time, offer me the same excuse... :wink:

You are right, there is likely am mix of Beta and non-beta hubs involved.... though I would not expect them to be different atm, given we have moved out of beta... But am happy to double-check, if that is likely a thing.... @bobbyD ?

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Yes, I get offered ‘network setup’ not ‘networking’ … how do you get to it?

The auto-reconnect post 2.3.6 has been removed. It is now working in the background and turned on by the hub as needed.


Looks like the Network Setup page on your hub didn't update. Your hub should look like @bobbles.


I don't get how you even see the auto reconnect UI bit. It's gone from the latest 2.3.6, and reconnect is always on. Force refresh the browser maybe? Also, WiFi settings shouldn't say (beta) any more.

You always were a rebel @sburke781. :wink: :grin:

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So can I get to it via an http command as the documentation says.

I am trying to turn this on because every few weeks my hub seems to drop its network connection. While it continues to run my internal apps to control local zigbee and Zwave devices, I can’t get into the controls without being physically present to do a hard unplug and re power ,reboot.

Thought the auto reconnect might help to keep my remote access up and to reestablish connection…..

Is there the http command route still?

Post 2.3.6 the hub does it on its own. Give it a try without making any changes, and see if the hub handles the disconnects better.

Can I be in beta when I'm not in beta? :wink:

I know... :wink:

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But seriously... let me take a serious look at what may be happening.... No idea when I might get to it though....

At top of this question I said that I was on 2.3.6. already, so not hopeful for any improvement but will wait and see ….

Can you PM me the hub id? I can check for the clues in the engineering log.

There can be tweaks in subsequent updates within 2.3.6. In the end, hopefully Gopher can work out what is happening.

Sorry …

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No reason to be sorry :slight_smile: We're all here to help one another!