Auto-Off for Lutron Switches

Please add an auto-off Preference for Lutron switches.

Are you aware that you can also perform an auto-off using simple rules?

OK. Next release. Same as the way auto-off Preference works for Virtual Switch.


Please tell us, what is the use case?

Consolidating all automation logic into Hubitat (out of Lutron).

I am now, thank you.

That said, a device Preference is much easier to find.

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By the way the Auto Off app works great. I use it for Enbrighten plugs as well as Sylvania and Phillips hue light bulbs.

I know it's not the device level preference you were looking for but it may fit your need.


I meant, what is the use case for a switch that turns off a second after you turn it on, in a Lutron system?

A Lutron motion sensor turns on the switch which controls a light. If not turned off, the light will remain on.

Which Lutron system are you using? Lutron Caseta motion sensors cannot be integrated with Hubitat, whereas Lutron Radio RA2 motion sensors can be.

If you're using Radio RA2 motion sensors, I would recommend using Hubitat's built-in "Motion Lighting" app to create these automations, which will easily handle turning off the light after there is no motion for a period of time.

If you're using Caseta motion sensors, you really have to continue using Lutron to determine when it is safe to turn off the light. An "Auto Off" from the Hubitat side will leave you in the dark, as it will turn off the light even if there is still activity in the room.



I totally agree with @ogiewon. I also want to add that the Lutron Caseta Motion Sensor can have a timeout of as little as 1 minute (i.e. lack of motion for 1 minute) to turn paired Caseta dimmers/switches off.

The default timeout is 15 minutes, but can be lowered to 5 minutes or 1 minute.


But the auto-off feature offers times from 0.5 to 5 seconds. I don't see how that is useful.


I wasn't aware this existed, thank you.

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Can you fix that too?

From the user's perspective, a configurable auto-off property/preference for switches is a no-brainer.

I'm completely missing the use case for this. Lutron switches are wall switches that typically turn lights on and off. Those drivers that do support auto-off are for devices that might actually be used in a momentary on-off application, which isn't something a wall switch is used for.

If your use case is you want a light to turn off some number of minutes after it is turned on, use a simple Basic Rule, or Simple Automation Rule to do that. This is not a device function.


I think @Busthead's request might arise from the observation that the built-in drivers for some wall switches, such as the Zooz Central Scene Switch support a rather long list of auto-off and auto-on times. For example:

However, I'm unsure if those reflect options added by the driver, or if they are built-in to the switch firmware and merely exposed by the driver. If it is the latter, it makes sense for them not to be offered as options for Lutron switches.

That would be a firmware feature of the device


That is exactly what I thought it must be! So it makes zero sense to add it to the driver for Lutron switches/dimmers.


Maybe to people who are close to the inner workings of Hubitat, but to (normal) users it makes zero sense that there is an auto-off preference for some switches and not others...

(UI) Inconsistency = confusion.

For example, if all switches used the same UI and unsupported features (preferences) were simply grayed out (with a rollover tool tip that stated, "Not supported by device hardware."), I would have never posted the feature request - but at least I discovered a few new Easter eggs!

And Lutron RRA2 has a configurable "Rollback" setting for their switches.