Australia - Mercator IKUU - Zigby from Sparky Direct - Brisbane

Hey folks, just want some shared knowledge.
I buy electrical stuff from Sparky - very pleased with them.
They have launched this brand - IKUU - lots off Zigbee stuff.

1/ Does anyone know if this is a common or generic brand available elsewhere under another brand name?
2/ Drivers for my C3 Hub - do you know (or an you make a considered guess) whether this could be integrated with ease?

Thanks in advance. - Mike

Mercator Ikuu | Smart Switches and Power points | Automation (

Ikuu was discussed and tested at length last year in this thread Mercator Ikuu

There is a mixture of the Ikuu devices being supported by built in generic Zigbee drivers and community drivers.

And to answer your other question, I believe the devices are mainly rebranded Tuya devices.


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