Aurora lighting - Wall Remote

I have bought one of these ZigBee 3.0 Wall Remotes.

My Hub can discover it. No problem- just shows as Device.
Just unsure which driver to use.
How to figure out which button is which.
Then I guess use rule machine or simple lighting app to configure the buttons right?

Any help on what the driver might be.?
And how to go about upgrading the firmware on the device.. without having to buy their hub ?

I have the Kinetic Dimmer Too.. which looks great ( I guess this will be similar process ).

That is the same as the Ecosmart Remote that has been so popular recently.

I just found this ST code.

Have not done any porting of code myself yet.
I actually got this to sort of work using the Sylvinia Dimmer Controller Device.

So when I set this as a Sylvina Dimmer Device. It toggles button pressed between 1 and 2 when you press the on button.

So I can create a toggle rule in Simple Light rule engine and turn lights on and off.

So I am sure with a bit more digging I can get this to work.

(I am a newbie at this : but not to solving problems :slight_smile: )

I don't believe that is the correct driver. This remote just came out recently. ST staff is writing a driver for it currently but it has not been released.

But also, it uses Zigbee group messages so likely will not work with Hubitat.

The remote linked above also has CT but the remote you linked to is Switch and level only.

Currently your need their hub or a smartthings hub.

This won't work in ST or HE currently and only works with their hub.
This is because is green energy ZigBee and needs special set up to get paired.

Ok.. shame about the kinetic dimmer..
What is special about the SmartThings hub that allows firmware upgrade that HE can't do.. Is it just a partnership thing ?

These look handy.

Why is it so hard to find the right kit.. ?

I would stick to devices that are on theSupported Devices List.

FYI, I think Mike featured this device in the last episode of Hubitat Live. It sounded like they'd even be able to write a driver for it, and if it can use group messaging, it's at least somewhat different from the EcoSmart if they are able to do that; see also:

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