Aurora Green power

Does anyone have a experience with zigbee green power and HE
I'm looking at an aurora kenitic switch

Green Power is not currently supported:

It was also not on the roadmap as of July, so I wouldn't count on it any time soon, but things always change. :slight_smile: (Never thought I'd see Z-Wave S2, for one!)

That being said, some of these devices can be TouchLinked directly to a device, which may work for control if you can do that without stealing the pairing away from Hubitat. However, I'm not familiar with that specific device.

If it is of interest to anyone - I have a Hubitat <--> OpenHab bridge working which I'm using exclusively to integrate EnOcean Switches. I had hoped to use their Zigbee Green Power variants but after @mike.maxwell confirmed that Green power was not coming any time soon I made this solution. Amazingly, the latency is imperceptible despite the extra bridge hop, and much much faster than the battery powered Z-Wave wall controller switches I used to use

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