August Lock & Phillips Hue

It's just so inconsistent. I have it connected directly to HE. I'm using the "Reliable virtual lock" it works maybe 1 out 7 now. I have z wave repeaters lined up from the HE up 1 level to the front door. I saw on IFTTT where they have a paid service that connects August Lock to Hue Bridge. Is anybody using that? I don't really care about the cost of it works, I'm in.

I don't have an August lock, but I have some unfortunate luck with locks on HE. I have been able to to improve them with a few adjustments.

What version HE hub do you have? If it is a C4 (with external z-stick) I have had better luck since installing a USB extender. I am not sure if it placement, or interference, but it seems to work better with the stick away from the hub.

I have also added a nightly reboot of my hub which seems to have helped.

With these adjustments, the nest firmware, and reliable locks, mine have started to be behave better. Hope some of this might help your issue.

Thanks for responding. My Alfred lock has actually been works every time without issue. It's on the same level as my HE hub so that could play into it. They are both Z-Wave...I have Z-Wave Extenders between the HE in the basement and the August lock the next level up at the front door. I have the HE C-5 v. This model doesnt have any USB jacks on it. I'm seeing something odd, that i have seen consistent enough to mention....when i have the August app open on my phone....and I go to the HE dashboard on my computer, it works every time - which makes no sense. The phone app is connected via Bluetooth and has no impact from what I can tell on HE perspective so I cannot explain this one. I'll see about the reboot and see what that does. It's frustrating.

HE logs say the battery is at 78%, but the AUGUST app says it's below 25%. Something is defiintely up with the driver. @mike.maxwell is this something you can help me with please?

Z-Wave devices that have batteries report the battery level in percent remaining, unlike Zigbee devices that usually report the devices current voltage which is then converted into a percentage.

In any event, the driver is simply reporting what the device is reporting, there isn't any conversion ect.
So all else being equal, meaning that the battery report is current, ie not stale and the device is able to lock/unlock from the driver UI (batteries are still able to drive the Z-Wave radio), then it is what it is.

If the device is reporting a different value over Z-Wave than it is over Bluetooth then this is an issue that should be taken up with August since there isn't anything we can do on the driver side to fix it.

Ok, that's for the feedback. Any insight on my connectivity issue to help point me in the right direction here. I wish now that I purchased the Alfred lock I have on the basement door (by the way, the new zwave module for that is being delivered tomorrow, so stay tuned on that thread we were on)....the AUGUST lock is very inconsistent with unlocking and I'm not quite sure why.

I have an August pro in production, the only issue I have is that it appears to eat more batteries than the Yale zigbee and two kwikset zwave units I have running...
I havent had any issues other than that with it.

Is your HE in pretty close proximity to your August Pro?

12 feet or so

Ok, this is making me nuts. I just opened a support request to August. I fear the just blame my HE And I'll be stuck again. We'll see. Thanks

Is there a tool within HE that I could see what the Zwave connectivity back to the hub looks like? Like the one I see with zigbee? I just want to confirm the repeaters are doing their job and the connectivity back to the hub is working.

AFAIK, there's no such tool built into the hub that can be accessed by end users. If you have a secondary controller like z-wave toolbox, you can see the routes taken by a packet to reach the destination device. For example, here's my Hubitat (device = 1) turning off a Zooz plug (device = 136). The command goes through devices 75 and 12, which function as repeaters:

quick search, i see a few. I see one that is 149.00, wow. Any brand recommended?

I was going to consider putting the August Lock BACK with Alexa and controlling it from there because I'm exhausted with this issue, UGH

Some people use OpenZwave or PC controller (from Silabs) for the same purpose. They're both free, and you only need a z-wave dongle.

Three August locks here. Hubitat C-5 hub. Aeotec z-wave repeaters installed within 6 feet of each lock. No major issues. Its important to install fresh batteries before you discover these devices. REALLY important.

Here's my setup, if you can use your imagination, lol. I have the HE in the back of the house at the bottom floor. Down the hallway (about 8ft), up the stairs (8 steps, and landing, then 8 more steps) at the top of the stairs is an AEOTEC Z-Wave extender....6 more feet from there in a hallway 1/2 bathroom there's another AEOTEC Z-Wave extender....5 ft from there is the front door lock. Now along the way, there's also the IRIS zigbee/Zwave locks one between the front door and the bathroom extender. Sorry, that was long and ridicolous, lol, i'm clearly desperate to resolve this.

Might be a bit out of wheelhouse, but i'll take a look. I want to get this issue resolved.


What is the firmware version on your August lock?

@bjcowles has reported that downgrading to a specific firmware version eliminated any issues with his August z-wave lock:

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Firmware version: 1.13.2-1.59.0