AssociationGroupNameReport Not Parsing Correctly

In testing some Z-Wave diagnostics, I have discovered the AssociationGroupNameReport event is not correctly parsing the data. Here's a test event function...

def zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.associationgrpinfov1.AssociationGroupNameReport cmd)
	log.trace "CMD: ${cmd}" 
	state.assocGrpName = new String( as byte[])

The logs show the following:

[dev:78]( 10:47:56.855 pm [trace]( AssociationGroupNameReport(groupingIdentifier:null, lengthOfName:null, name:null)

[dev:78]( 10:47:56.852 pm [debug]( zw device: 05, command: 5902, payload: 01 08 4C 69 66 65 6C 69 6E 65

This should read: AssociationGroupNameReport(groupingIdentifier:1, lengthOfName:8, name:Lifeline)
The hex bytes are all present when logged by parse().

Am I missing something?

Nope, you are correct, we are not parsing that command correctly, I've added an issue to get it fixed. Thanks!

Excellent. Thank you.