Arming HSM "Smoke/Water" via a button?

Is there a way to rearm Smoke/Water via a button? I'm not using Home/Away etc. I can Cancel and Disarm, but I don't see a way to rearm Smoke/Water via a button (all works fine from the app).

If you disarm rather than disarm all it will keep water/smoke armed 24/7.

Thank you, but I'm looking for a way to rearm just water/smoke. This way if something burns in the oven we don't have the smoke alarm kicking in again until we turn it back on. Need something for my wife to use when I'm not home.

Someone else was looking to do something similar and they just came up with a way to cancel the alert when it happens.

Interesting, and thank you. But this doesn't say how long the cancel lasts before it resets. Burnt food smoke can last for a while. I'm just afraid that is if we cancel the smoke alarm it will kick back on in a minute or two. Haven't had this issue yet, but I put a VERY loud homemade siren on this with 3 smoke/CO alarms. If this I'm not home and my wife has this going off every 60 seconds I'm going to have a hub and a bunch of doodads for sale :grimacing:

@bravenel is there a way to turn arm the smoke/co or water HSM alerts from RM or another app so a button could dismiss all or better yet just smoke/co then re-arm that alert? Thanks

I can cancel alerts with RM, I can also disarm all, and I can rearm other alerts, but there seems to be no way to rearm just smoke/co.

Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I cant seem to rearm just smoke

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