Arming / Disarming Delay Timer Beeper


I recently switch to hubitat and I really like the customization of the Home Monitor you have here,

One think I was able to do in webcore and kind of in smart things in a round about way was to, when an intrusion was detected or when arming the alarm from a button press. Bleep a little buzzer that is attached to my alarm panel, it is its own device inside hubitat( previously smartthings ).

Essentially while the delay timer is active either for arming or disarming I would like it to periodically bleep the buzzer. I couldn't find an explicit option in the delay setup for this.

Is this something that essentially I'm going to have to implement my self again, if so is there away to do it on the hub that doesn't require any cloud / external services?

I use Rule Machine in conjunction with Hubitat Safety Monitor to achieve this as shown in the rule below. As soon as HSM starts a delayed alert my bedside tablet will chime every 2 seconds until the system is disarmed.

There is also a very similar conversation going on here:

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