"Are You Sure" box on the new dashboard

Is there any way to disable the "Are You Sure" question box when locking/unlocking the door?

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No. This is a safety feature to avoid accidental tile clicks.

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An option to disable that would be nice. Let me take care of my safety. :slight_smile:


Appreciate your desire to control your own safety and noted the feature request. However, this will not be implemented any time soon. Feel free to use Maker API and a link tile if you want to override the safety features of dashboard.

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I can't tell you how many times that thing has saved me from accidentally unlocking a door. Sometimes an inadvertent tap on a touch screen is all it takes. Normally I hate nag windows, but in this case it's a lifesaver.


That's why I think it's a good idea to leave an option to disable it or enable for certain devices.

i just found this out and find it extremely annoying. There is nothing life or death about locking and unlocking a door. This type of annoying nag screen with no way to disable it is a serious regression in functionality.

I use a dashdboard on my car screen when I get close to the house and any added dialog screen that I have to tap through is more time my eyes are off the road. Very bad decision to add this "feature" without a way to disable it.

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What's "safety" about locking/unlocking a door? Are you afraid someone may be standing in front of the door for possibly hours, with their hand ready to snatch that door nob the moment they hear it unlock, so they can bust in and ransack the place before you realize you accidentally unlocked the door and tap the tile again 2 seconds later and lock the door again?

The tile shows the lock status so there is no need for an extra nag screen. Also, it comes up even when "locking" the door so how is that "safety" related?

Growing up and suffering through MS Windows has taught me that these screens are all but useless because after a short time you train yourself to automatically tap the "yes" button without much of a thought about it.

Please remove this nag screen as soon as possible.


Tend to agree with the above posters, this should definitely have the option to disable, it's pointless to have a single touch icon that requires multiple touches......nor does it ask this verification if you're switching modes and that rule is included in the mode change.

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I'm siding with @doug on this one. Please retain the OK popup.

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Good point. And it doesn't even have the nag screen when arming/disarming HSM. I would think such a feature would more importantly be applied to the security monitor stuff rather than for locks (which aren't necessarily in external doors anyway).

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It was in the v1 dashboard

It has kept me from accidentally pushing the button also. I would prefer it to stay as is. As for the question about "what's safety about locking or unlocking doors"? Easy answer, it's a lock! You should not be able to accidentally unlock your house. Just one simple example would be checking to make sure I turned a light off from my work and I swipe the lock button accidentally. Now my house is unlocked all day while I'm at work. Maybe some live in gated neighborhoods and don't worry about it, but not all of us do. This is not new to the V2 dashboard, it's been there since I got my hub back in November.

So you wouldn't be watching the dashboard and see that you're lock is now showing as unlocked?

Of course I would be looking. But I'm saying there are times when plenty of us have hit something on our phone screens without noticing. Especially if it takes a moment to catch up and your already on another screen. There have been times in the moment when I've thought, "I wish I could turn this off", but in the end I would not. The little extra effort is not worth the possibility (however remote) of me coming home to a cleaned out house because I couldn't press one extra button. In all I would not be against having the "option" to turn it off, just don't have it off by default.

Then you can have the "enable" toggle on, while we keep it off.

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just stumbled on to this topic. I'm switching over from Wink and I really don't like that popup confirmation dialog asking if I want to lock my door. Yuck! Please give us an option to disable that prompt.

For reference, I plan to use a few tablets mounted on walls for displaying my dashboard. I want an easy way to view and toggle the state of my lights/locks/etc. It's hard enough to accurately touch a mounted 7" tablet but the prompt makes it harder.

For those thinking this is a security feature.. what if someone in my house need to lock the doors ASAP.. this prompt just makes it longer to do do.

I'm not saying you have to remove it.. just please make it an option!

Feel free to use Maker API and a link tile
I'll have to look at this to see if I can create my own lock tile.. is this easy to replicate what's there today?

Hello All,

I believe a good compromise would be to allow the community to optionally turn it off - or at least remove the prompt for locking the lock (similar to the way Alexa and other 3rd parties do). It is rather annoying but I understand the need for it in some cases.

Any updates on this? When do we get possibility to disable "are you sure" box?

Highly doubt there will be any update to dashboard anytime soon. They abandoned work on Dashboard a while now.

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