Aqara vs Xiaomi motion sensors

Does anybody know if there is a difference between the Aqara vs Xiaomi motion sensors (apart from the stand). Do either work better with HE?

Performance wise I find them the same, however the Aqara version also has Lux.

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As indicated by @Royski, there's no difference in detecting motion. Just be aware that with either one you have ensure that all your zigbee repeaters have to be Xiaomi/Aqara compatible.


This is very much spot on @aaiyar, seems mine arent and why I'm moving them to an Aqara hub. Much messing about, but I do like the little beggars. So will be sticking with them and linking the Aqara hub to HE :+1:


Did you get a HomeKit Aqara hub, or the older version? Wondering how you're going to do the integration, either by HomeKit (HomeBridge) or with the older hub's JSON development interface?

I've got a deCONZ build running solidly since March or so with loads of Aqara sensors and Ikea outlets / repeaters. Works great, but I'm at my self-imposed limit of 50 devices per gateway (for stability and resiliency reasons). So need to bring another gateway online for any more Aqara stuff .... torn between another HE, another deCONZ build, a ZigBee2MQTT build or an Aqara hub .....

Not that keen on the HomeKit route, since you have to mess with virtual devices etc and can only get event based stuff over (motion, contact, etc). Plus, although HomeKit itself is reasonably stable & fast (I have a HomePod), I've had two occasions where the HomeKit data has gotten corrupt and Apple support's only suggestion is to delete it all and start again!

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First, just a clarification that Xiaomi is the maker of both the Aqara and Mijia branded devices. I believe they are sister companies making two lines of products, but they all work together.

I have the Aqara HomeKit Gateway and use the Homebridge connection via HomeKit automations. VERY stable and can be relied upon if your HomeKit hub (Apple TV 4, HomePod, or Always On iPad) and Homebridge setup is also stable. Mine definitely is.

You are not incorrect @martyn, that the HomeKit data can get corrupted. I highly recommend the Controller Pro app to backup. It can restore in the event of corrupt HomeKit data files. It’s a paid app, but just a few dollars. Well worth it.


I'm awaiting delivery of the Aqara hub (HomeKit campatible), and looking forward to it arriving. In the meantime I've setup Mi Connector on my QNAP NAS using the Docker image, and MySQL. That part is functioning from what I can see (Docker and DB wise), so now just awaiting the hub to pair the devices. Which should then populate HE with the paired devices.

As I have Hue for the lights anyway, and will have Xiaomi for contacts/motion/light switches I'll not be bothering with HomeBridge. I'll most likely just use Xiaomi and Hue directly if I want to go the way of Siri.

HE will just be the logic behind the automations, dashboards and Z-wave devices I still have. I have two and already using one for hardware, and one for software/LAN devices. Its been working really well this way until recently where my Xiaomi devices all dropped (together) and if I re-pair them, they cant even stay online long enough to get the first checkin done. And thats with 3 Xbee 3's in the house. The frustration led me to buying the Aqara hub, as I've splashed out on their light switches (which I REALLY like) and want to keep them. The Aqara hub was the only way.

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Interesting connection app. I’ll have to explore at some point in the future. I’ve never used docker, so I’d need to learn that too.

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Ok thanks, does that mean that if I have Hue bulbs it can cause problems? Do you know of any compatible repeaters (UK)?

If Hue are on HE, yes that could cause problems but not just with Xiaomi/Aqara.
If they on the Hue bridge then thats fine.

For me, Ikea bulbs were my Xiaomi's best friend until they fell out over something I know nothing about! But the Ikea plugs are friendly repeaters from what my Xbee shows.

Not in the UK, but I'm pretty sure these will work because their equivalents in the US work:

The signal repeater is actually in two parts - a repeater that can be plugged into any powered USB outlet and a power supply.


These apparently

And of course the IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets and repeaters.

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I dont really have anything Apple to keep on all the time and struggled with Homebridge a while back when I tried it, then saw that Mi Connector and installed it for a looksee before buying the Aqara hub. At last my little buggers will have a place (hub) to call their own, and should live happily ever after :joy: (well thats the hope!!)

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Yep. They seem to prefer the company of a completely Chinese community.

Are you sure that will work?

As I understand it (and I may be wrong) Mi Connector relies on being able to set the Aqara hub into development mode to expose its JSON interface. From my research so far that's only possible on the older Aqara (and Mi) hubs, the Aqara HomeKit hub doesn't allow it?

Thanks for the HomeKit tip on backing up the config @SmartHomePrimer ..... crazy how that's not built into iOS by default!

(Apologies to the OP for somewhat hijacking this thread!)

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Yeah, HomeKit is one of most high profile unfinished products since the dawn of Windows :wink:

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Thanks, they're on a Hue Bridge, then linked to HE, is that an issue?

Thanks, Ikea is 5mins away so will try the repeater. I assume the repeater pairs with HE and I don't need the Tradfri gateway?


Perfectly fine :slight_smile: Thats what I also have here.

And exactly, also has its own HE driver installed already.

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Ah bugger, so looks like I'll be dabbling with Homebridge once more then :frowning: And having to get my very old Apple TV back out. Ah well, at least there is still a way to connect the two.

And same here @rhodesda :wink:

Well I was really hoping that you'd read something I'd missed .... the Aqara HomeKit Hub is an attractive price .... and is something else to play with in my quest to ownz all the hubz :slight_smile:

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