Aqara Door/Window Sensor - MCCGQ11LM Worth it?

I bought a couple of these because they were cheap but am struggling to get them to work

I downloaded the driver from here and was able to pair it.

I added a "Contact" tile onto my dashboard.

When I toggled between the reset to close / reset to open buttons on the device configuration page, the dashboard tile fires accordingly.

I couldn't get the tile to fire by separating the contact from the magnet.

In the end I deleted the device.. Rebooted HE and re-paired.
Worked great for about 10 minutes now it's not firing again

Is it worth perusing or should I just return them and buy something else?

I've had a number of the "Aqara Wireless Switch Smart Remote One Key" devices and each one I added would work for maybe an hour then stop working I'd then reset the button and repair it and it would usually work fine from then on. The issue is these devices are fully Zigbee compliant so they don't work as well as other brands that are (although they are a lot cheaper, or can be depending on where you get them).

@Zamily84 and @Terk

You need Aqara-compatible zigbee repeaters for Aqara sensors to work reliably.

I use Ikea Tradfri plugs and USB repeaters.

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...are NOT fully zigbee compliant. :slight_smile:


Yes that's what I meant to say :thinking:

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