Aqara Cube update

I am really happy with this device. It sits on the coffee table and controls the lights in the room with just a twist right or left. Amaze your friends! The icon label was printed on Brother P-Touch 0.97 inch tape.

Please share any implementations that work for you.

Aqara Cube, Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Connection, Magic Cube Controller, 6 Customizable Gestures to Control Your Smart Home Devices, 2 Year Battery Life, Works With IFTTT

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@Hal3 - I have purchased one of these and have it set up with the Xiaomi Mi Cube Controller driver (under "Type"). I have the preferences set to the "Advanced - 36 buttons" selection. I have not tied it to anything for automations just yet as playing with it, it doesn't seem to know what face is up all the time or recognize all the functions like "tap, slide, flip, etc."

What driver are you using and how are you you using it?

Love the symbols that you put on yours.

Sorry for the late reply!

I am using this driver:

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I'll give that a try

I can't find that in Package manager or the device drop down lit. Where did you get that driver?

I believe that I used this thread to install:

I am having trouble copying the url out of the driver file on my phone right now.

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