Apps List incorrectly shows RM rules Repeating?

So I've been noticing this for a while, in my apps list it usually shows some RM rules Repeating that wouldn't have run for many hours (eg the Night Mode one below).

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 12.53.53 pm

and refreshing the browser shows no change. However, if I go into the rule, the repeating flag goes away. Are the rules really still running, or is this a display bug (I see it in RM4x and 5.x)?

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From your description it is just a UI glitch where the text (Repeating) is not getting cleared when the rule stops repeating. I will look into it.

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Thanks Bruce.

Is this supposed to be fixed? I just noticed two rules that still showed repeating and they were not. I opened the rule and the repeating on the apps list went away. I can't show screen shots as I have cleared them but they will probably be back soon.

[edit]It occurred to me just as I was about to post this that both rules are 5.0 rules, will I need to update to 5.1 to get this to stop?

Yes I reported this a while ago as well and it only happens on 5.0 rules and not 5.1

Mine were pretty simple so rebuilt them in 5.1 to fix it.

When you say rebuilt, do you mean from scratch?

Yes, just redid them from scratch in RM 5.1.

Ah that sucks, mine are complex and I have plenty of them.

@bcopeland @bobbyD is there really no way you guys can fix this without us rebuilding our rules? This is a pretty poor UX if true.

Rebuilding rules like this one will be a right PITA:

@support @bobbyD guys can we get an answer for the above question please?

Fixing bugs in prior versions is down on the list, but I'll see what I can do. Won't be until 2.3.2.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Hi @bravenel I cant see mention of this being fixed in 2.3.2 - did I miss read the fixes list?

If you're looking for a fix for Rule-5.0, I don't think that was addressed (nor likely to be). AFAIK this is not a bug with Rule 5.1.

Seriously? If Hubitat is not going to fix bugs in previous version of Native apps, then you need to give us a way to upgrade our rules to new versions that have the fixes in them.

I dont care which option Hubitat chooses, but doing nothing creates a very poor UX. :tired_face:

@mike.maxwell @bobbyD @support @bcopeland

Might be fixed in Let us know...


Thank you @bravenel I’ll test it now.

Confirmed, it’s fixed.

Thank you @bravenel , very much appreciated.

Sorry it took so long. Turned out to be a single line of code that was missing.

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I’m glad it was an easy fix, it was a real PITA when tweaking rules and testing them in 5.0. My OCD thanks you. :pray:

PS, you do need to go into each rule showing “repeating “ and click done. After that they behave perfectly.