Appreciate if an admin could contact me

Good morning.
I have remote access on one of my hubs. Subscription renewed in June 23 for 29 annually.
Just seen a charge for remote access Jan 1st come through for 2.99 a month. Appreciate if an admin could look at my account and see why this is there.
Can send more details when I get a DM.

Submit an issue via the Support portal, at the link below. Select "Other" as the reason.


I tried every variation of my MAC address, including a direct copy and paste. Getting an error that itโ€™s an invalid format. Unable to submit a ticket on that link
Can someone DM me and I can provide the detisls ?

I had the same problem. Do not use :::::::::::::::::::::::: Not intuitive.

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Please follow the instructions for the format of the MAC address on the Support website, highlighted in the screenshot below.

There is also an example of what the entered MAC address should look like. Bear in mind that the field is CASE-SENSITIVE.

Not intuitive? Perhaps - but that's why there are instructions on what the format should be. Along with an example. But that's only useful if someone reads it .....



No need to create a case. I checked your account. The annual service that renews every June is for Hub Protect, the $2.99 charge is for the (monthly) Remote Admin:


What happened when you tried to submit a ticket at the link @aaiyar posted?

Thatโ€™s the primary method staff have established for users that need assistance with a subscription like hub protect or remote admin.


Me too... i have tried to get support to renew my subscription for over a year now and submitted multiple tickets. Once I got a broken english response from someone giving me some unintelligible directions - seems no one is home or knows how to pick up a phone. Please check your tickets and call or reply how to fix the subscription. Your system sucks! You need me to help you figure out a better way forward I am here - I do this all day long for clients but you really need to understand your operational flow is terrible for doing the subscriptions and as such I am stuck with no remote admin access until someone can help me fix this.
I cant even upload screenshots here - what kind of crazy?!!!

Over a year and just created an account 15 minutes ago...


Thanks for your feedback. We do not offer phone support at this time. However, I looked at your cases and I see that in the last email we sent you related to the Remote Admin service, we asked you to confirm if you are able to use the service by logging into the Remote Admin portal at: Hubitat Remote Admin

Below is a copy of that message. If you are still having problems using the Remote Admin service, please create a new case and we would be more than happy to further assist you: Subscriptions โ€“ Hubitat Support


You must be a terrible researcher - I have been paying and using my subscription up to last June 2023 - so obviously I had no issues getting access up til then but then surprise - my credit card number changed and YEP no working way to get that info correctly into your system because when I clicked on manage remote admin via website or your app this nonsense is what I see...

and then when I clicked on my hubs this nonsense

and then when I clicked on Add remote admin ... can you guess what screen followed??
FIRE your programmers - children can think better than this....

Oh and before you ask me about subscriptions here are those screen shots

and then when you click pay you get this ...

must be real sad to have the info in you db but unable to use it properly... come ON!

So you resolved this by cancelling my original account and then forcing me to resubscribe - like dude - your system has my hub info in it permanently when I subscribed the first time. Why have to cancel? NONSENSE - but solved - but still NONSENSE!

Sounds like we can mark this one solved and close....

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Sure close it until the next time someone credit card changes and then they end up where I was for a year. But sure - close it!

There was no other way around, since your bank declined the payment for more than 5 times. Our payment processing provider will not attempt to charge the card any further. Resubscribing to the monthly service is actually quicker than updating the payment method and waiting for the servers to update with new information.

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For the record - if the card was declined then that should have been communicated and what the error message was - could have been wrong cvc or card number or whatever its fine. Allow me to fix it - but even when I tried to fix it with a different card number it did not allow me to retry - your system for managing subscriptions is flawed and non communication oriented. You should fix this as I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this nonsense.

Yes, we know there are problems when a bank declines the payment. The service should be canceled automatically after the 5th time, but it doesn't always do it. We are working on fixing this issue.


I have a better idea - how about when the card gets declined you can send an email to the user - hey your card got declined - please click here to update your card info and retry.

That notification is sent out after each payment failure. It stops on the 5 failure, and the next email should notify the customer of subscription cancelation. The cancelation notification was not generated because it didn't happen, however you should have received the 5 emails notifications for missed payments.