App/Device Search field slow, and laggy

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So this has been happening for a while since my C-5

When I do a search and there is some data in there, I will hit "Clear" and it just lags and locks up the browser kinda for a second or two. OR if I try to change/delete the text in that field it just does not respond.

It does not even feel like its thinking, just holds the browser hostage or something for a second.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the amount of devices/apps I have since my C5 seems snappy but there are only 5 apps installed on the Hub.

It's kinda of a pain, not sure if there is something I can do other then trim apps/devices?


Have you tried a different device or browser? AFAIK, all this filtering happens on the client side, so there should be little about the hub that matters (aside from, as you suggest, the number of items in the list since the time presumably scales with that, but I've seen users with hundreds of items and no problems, so five shouldn't be for you).

If you don't have anything else, even private/incognito/etc. mode in a new window or tab with your current browser might help.

If you aren't on the latest hub version (I didn't see this mentioned, though it is in the placeholder text), I'd also try that to see if it helps. If you still suspect the hub, a database rebuild (just a Settings > Reboot with that option selected), as suggested in the linked post there as well, might help.

Otherwise: any Javascript errors that look related to this if you're familiar with the developer console in your browser?

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Yes, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Mobile Chrome. Private and Regular mode

Most recent Firmware, but this has been going on for quite some time, from my apps on my C5 and when I migrated to C8 and now C8Pro

no errors, nothing on the logs either.

Mines always been slow.

Chrome on windows desktop. Ditto on android mobile.


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