Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



Thanks for this device.
Got it working well.
Is there a way to get more weather data on a Dashboard?
I have chosen the Temperature Tile to start and it is reporting in F instead of C, which is my system preference01 .
Does anyone have any suggestions?


add other tiles or use the mytile attribute?

set the imperial units to false in driver settings.


@bangali thanks for this.
Apologises for the ignorance on this side how do I ' use the mytile attribute'?
I have searched the forum for examples without success.
I see some excellent single tile examples but not how they were developed

can someone advise please?


heres an example with the resulting tile:


Go to your Device Details page for your Weather device. (You created a virtual device and then picked the ApiXU driver.. that one, that device.) On the right side is a tall stack of Current States.

Those are Attributes you can enter into a Dashboard Tile. On your Dashboard, pick your device, then pick attribute, and a third field shows up. Paste in the attribute you desire. "mytile" in this case. Careful of capitolization, it needs to be an exact match. Click Update Tile.


Got it all ty
Attribute Template was the key :wink:


I just updated to the latest code and added mytile to a dashboard. The condition_icon image is tiny between the sunrise and sunset text. Is this because of my dashboard layout settings? I'm assuming nothing can be done in the driver? I had visual attribute in a separate tile before and it looked good, what would I have to do to the mytile code to get "visual" instead of "condition_icon"?


code updated to github with new image size … is that any better?


Looks good! Thanks :slight_smile:


Off Topic. But what size tablet is that?


7" Fire Tablet


So yes all working good thank you including the Celsius
Is there a way to change the font size of a template, like attribute I wonder whether it is on desktop or mobile?




@bangali, curious to know why you don't use Dark Sky API? Apixu doesn't provide weather alert while dark sky provided. It is extremely cold here today.. feels like -34 :frowning:

Also, I found a weird thing for Apixu. When I use city name for API, it provides correct temperature and feels like, but when I use postcode or coordination (Long, Lat) , returned same number for temp_c and feelslike_c.:thinking:


Dark Sky's Terms of Service explicitly forbid asking end-users to get their own Dark Sky API key. :confused:


Your permission to use the Service is condition upon your agreement that you will not:

  • use the Service in a manner that is inconsistent with applicable law;
  • create multiple accounts or utilize any script or other automated tool that attempts to create multiple accounts;
  • direct your end-users to sign up for their own API account (The Dark Sky API not intended to be used directly by end-users);


I looked over that thank you.
So you can change the Font Size on a per Dashboard basis.
Is there a way to vary size per tile?


this worked great for a little while on sharptools but sharptools is not grabbing all of the correct values from the driver anymore. I am installing the tile as a Thing and selecting the weather device i created with this driver, all of the values are showing on sharptools dashboard tile but they do not match up with the values showing in hubitat when i do a POLL.

I have updated the driver but still having the problem

EDIT: I got an answer from Sharptools, They are working on better integration with weather tiles and hubitat.


Hi Jason. I responded to your post over on the SharpTools community - I was a hair too slow to reply before you got this post in! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

We are actively working on an update to the SharpTools-Hubitat integration which should get this working as expected (more details in the linked post below).

I have an initial update working on my development hub / SharpTools.io instance... behind the scenes it's a relatively big change, but it will also enable some other cool features, so I'm excited about getting it fully tested and through the release cycle. :smiley:


FYI: my plan had been to support selection of attributes that the driver publishes from the 40 or so attributes that the driver always publishes today.

unfortunately HE does not support multi-select from input list in drivers … which i found out after implementing the changes in the driver code to allow selection of attributes to publish. :slight_smile:

so plan abandoned … at least for now.


What was the goal...reduce the number of attributes? To what end?

Perhaps you could use a text input. Default to all fields and have it as a string concatenated array of the fields to publish based on the entered list. Fall back to the default set in the event of an error parsing the entered list.