Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



thank you @bangali and @arnb for creating this driver. It is a great addition to my Dashboard


just saw this thread and posts here:

obviously we cant have this going on for the apixu driver :slight_smile:

what @nh.schottfam suggested above as in removing isStateChange:true from sendEvent might help with this.

but there is probably more that can be done … let me work on it a bit.

ps: for the apixu driver if you run in to things like this … dont hesitate to ping me first. :smile:


Thanks to have a look @bangali
It's anyway a common problem for others app\driver as well, I've taken apixu just as example


sure thing.

we always make an example of the ones we love … so thank you for using apixu as an example because without that i may not have noticed that thread and this issue. :smiley:


I doubt removing isStateChange will do anything to reduce the number of events for the device, but I could be wrong. I suspect it forces a subscribe to the device's event to trigger when the attribute is not changed.

The ST documentation states
isStateChange [Boolean] specify true if this Event caused a device attribute to change state. Typically not used, since it will be set automatically.


it may not reduce the number of events but might reduce whats stored in the DB.


I sent an pull request with fixes, and comments on un-needed attributes


i had added the following attributes to make it simpler for those migrating from WU to this driver:

  1. localSunrise
  2. localSunset
  3. wind
  4. percentPrecip

all of those attributes are already available respectively as:

  1. local_sunrise
  2. local_sunset
  3. wind_??? based on metric or imperial setting
  4. precip_?? based on metric or imperial setting

anybody going to be upset with me if i remove the first set of attributes? just looking to minimize event publication based on the other thread link i posted earlier.


Just an FYI.....
Most other weather drivers use the label 'percentPrecip' to represent a probability of precipitation. WU does provide this information their API (forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday[0].pop). APIXU does not, at least it is not in the free version. It looks like you intend this to be a measurement of the volume of precipitation, which would be inconsistent with the other weather drivers usage that I have seen.


for the free version it provides the forecasted total precipitation but not pop. guess I have some calculation to do. :slight_smile:



I started using your V4.10 driver and find it very useful. Thank you very much for sharing your work :smile:

My goal is to use the Lux to control some ambient lighting and it seems to be just the thing.

I do have a question and comment:

  1. Is the AprXU Lux available to view / monitor? I know you said it is only updated every 30 minutes which is why you made your lux calculation but I would be curious to see the ApiXU data.

  2. I tried to identify the location of the data provided for my zip code by looking on the ApiXU site...... no luck. Do you know how to find the "station" location?

  3. I had to comment out all the debug log statements they were causing too much activity in the HE log file and limiting how long other logs were retained.

Again, thank you for sharing.



apixu does not provide lux data hence the calculations.

dont think they share that info.


OK thanks.

And thank you again for sharing :slight_smile:



This is most likely an easy fix but I simply don’t have the knowledge. Using ApiXU service and sharp tools to display it and it still says sunny with a sun graphic and it’s after 9pm. Should it change at night?


Not sure if this is fully related, but I have had similar issues with updates not showing up on the weather tile. I reached out to Sharptools and @josh is looking into the matter.


I told @josh my SharpTools.io weather tile was not updating correctly a while ago. He indicated that he thinks only the 'standard' capabilities are being updated (temp, humidity, sunrise, sunset, but that non-standard capabilities may need to be polled or subscribed to, or otherwise refreshed somehow to reflect the current values (wind, chance of rain, conditions(icon)). So, I don't think is an issue with @bangali's driver, it is an issue with SharpTools.io.


Thanks for tagging me! As Matthew mentioned, the issue appears to be that non-standard attributes are not being automatically subscribed to since they aren't part of a standard capability. Unfortunately, there's not a Thing Capability that specifically defines attributes like weather, forecastIcon, percentPrecip, etc. otherwise the device drivers could just be tweaked to add these capabilities.

The good news is we believe we have a path forward to resolution and are actively working on it. :slight_smile:


Sounds good I wasn't sure if it was driver related or Sharptools so I just started here! It is a very minor issue as everything else works great!!


thanks @josh … if you need any changes from me just ping me.


updated to github with the following changes:

* Version: 4.3.0
*   12/30/2018: removed isStateChange:true based on testing done by @nh.schottfam on hubitat forum.
* Version: 4.2.0
*   12/30/2018: deprecated localSunrise and localSunset attributes instead use local_sunrise and local_sunset respectively