Anyway to visualize the z-wave network topology/routing?

The batteries in my Schlage BE469 deadbolt used to last between 3-6 months when it was paired to my Wink hubs (hub 1 and then hub 2). A brand-new battery pack lasted 2 weeks after moving to HE.

I've got two devices that support beaming right next to the BE469 (GE 45614 binary z-wave switch & Leviton DZR15-1BZ outlet), and I suspect they weren't being used for to relay z-wave communication between the lock and HE. Anyway, I added an Aeotec Range Extender 6 and did a z-wave network repair.

Is there anyway to visualize z-wave network topology/routing with HE?



For now, this is what I use

There is other custom tool with a raspberry pi but you need to buy their razberry module to get the free license of the software.

Good luck.


Thanks! I just ordered one. It was on sale (50% off) for $149, and I got a further 10% off by signing up for their email list.

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Would love to hear if you figure this out. Just moved over from Wink Hub 2 and I think I'm having the same issue. I read enough posts to figure out how to get my two BE468's to pair, but one of them is working very intermittently. I bought a couple of Aeotech Range Extender 6's to try and get the zwave network extended to the Schlage but it doesn't appear to have made a difference. It definitely worked for another zwave device (Garage door sensor from monoprice) which is just a couple of feet from the Schlage.

Same here. The generic z-wave lock driver in Hubitat apparently needs some work before it will work reliably with Schlage locks.

I decided to give Zigbee a try and bought the equivalent BE468 Zigbee lock. It paired with no problems at all. Locks and unlocks great, but manual locks and unlocks are not being reported. Just about to start a new thread about that. The Zigbee version may go back for a Yale or Kwikset.

I can't speak for Yale, but the Kwikset zigbee versions definitely report manual lock/unlock.

Yep, as you saw in the other thread I started on it, I just had to either hit the Configure button or add a new unlock code and it started working. Not sure which one did it, but it sounds like Configure was probably the solution.

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I feel I need to close this topic down with the solution that made my Schlage BE469 reliable under Hubitat. The FE599 is reliable as well - but details are in the post linked below: