Anyone want to trade - I need Iris or ST Leak Sensors

Iris or Smartthings Moisture/Leak Sensors

Iris v2 Motion Sensors
Iris V2 Contact Sensors
ST Zigbee/Zwave Combo Outlets
Fibaro Zwave Motion Sensor
GE/Jasco Zwave Outdoor Outlets
Inovelli Zwave Dual Outdoor Outlet.

US only - I live in South FL


Hard to get those nowadays. Iris is gone. Check Aeotec as they will be manufacturing the smart things stuff now. I would also look at dome leak sensors, much better than either Iris or ST

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Yep..I didn't realize ST stopped producing sensors...I haven't had to buy any in a long time because I stocked up when Iris had their clearance. I use the moisture sensors to convert various things into zigbee sensors. I don't want anything zwave so Aoetec is out of the question for me.

They still sell a lot of them in lots of 10 on eBay (the iris ones)

That's the first place I looked because I got my collection of contact/motion/outlets that way. I couldnt find the leak sensors though. I could only find the ST leak sensors and they are going for 40...not gonna happen.

You got my hopes up...everything but moisture/leak sensors :cry:
Thanks anyway.

He had a couple - did he already sell them? Too bad.

My bad - he had ST temperature/humidity sensors.

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