Anyone using this Haozee Multi - sensor. if so, what driver?

I’m not, but it does have a similar feature set to the Aeon Multisensor 6. I’d give it a try.

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If there's a SmartThings DTH, it most likely can be ported over to Hubitat.

Zero Amazon reviews on that device, be skeptical. Post your findings.

It appears it’s a new item and only been available for a few weeks. The lack of ( fake ) pump up or negative competitors reviews gives me a warm fuzzy. I don’t take much stock in reviews ( or lack there of as 1/2 are “the package was hard to open”, “it didn’t come with batteries” or user error. We will see Friday.

I'm not able to find the product on the Z-Wave Alliance product catalog, at least when I scope my view to North America, which always makes me nervous. (I can't even find the brand, Haozee, at all, so it could be a whitelabel I don't know what to look for; but I also don't see it when searching by date, and given that it's 700-series, it should be pretty new.)

Best case, they're still in the middle of the certification process and it will appear there when it (plus whatever processing time afterwards, I suppose) is done. Worst case, it's another region's Z-Wave frequency or works wonkily. :smiley: But it does look neat!

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I have the exact same device in my cart from the brand NEO Coolcam official store in Ali
NEO Coolcam Z Wave Plus 700series PIR Motion Detector with Temperature Humidity Light Sensor Work With Smartthing,Vera|Building Automation| - AliExpress
$40 - 15% + free return from Amazon is good without the shipping time and return hassle of Ali.

Want to use it under porch for motion sensing and other sensors. Can use an outlet for USB power I already have there for Christmas lighting.
However, I guess until someone confirm other sensors working with driver, I guess most likely motion and temperature will work using old driver , but not humidity and lux.

Haozee is a big store in Aliexpress (I think they only sell Euro freq in Ali store)
NEO Coolcam is the actual brand name and I think they makes device for others.

There's an identical looking Zigbee version on aliexpress. I looked at these when I was trying to decide, but ultimately went with something else. I almost pulled the trigger so I could almost give you some information, but I didn't so I can't lol.

NEO Coolcam has many identical looks for Zigbee, Z-wave and Tuya wifi products but details are different.
(some look very like Dome/Wink devices, I'm wondering they are the OEM)

The Zigbee one doesn't do lux (and none of their Zigbee motion sensors do but some of their z-wave do)

BTW, I asked them if it could be used as a repeater, and they said no (but I have reservation on if the support actually knew the product)

This actually reminded me I saw the Doorbell 6 Euro freq months ago on Ali for like $40+. I asked them if they sell US freq but no. It could be the Haozee store but couldn't find the conversation now.

They are selling the Multisensor 6

Ha, I noticed that too! This thing looks sketchy as all heck... They look like they used a bad photocopy of a bad scan for their Z-Wave logo. I'm all for saving a buck, but no way I'd ever join that to my network.

If it is actually normal zwave it shouldn't be impossible to just make a handler for it (if it pairs correctly).

Zwave's structure is a lot more defined than zigbee (well there are a lot less 'manufacturer specific' clusters/command in any case), so for something like this that doesn't likely use multiple endpoints, etc, it should be doable.

I ordered one from the OP link, will get it Sunday. I need another motion sensor anyway. If it pairs, I'll (try to) write a driver for it, if not then back it goes.

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You're just thinking too much. It's just because of the JPEG lossy compression.
Go to Aliexpress link to see the clear pictures.

I could only find their old products on z-wave alliance web though.

It’s interesting you make that statement, yet everything is made in China and probably many manufacturers use the same facility.

It arrived. Batteries included. 2 CR123A Li. Comes in a plain white box, with QR code and serial number, certifications and region on the box. Externally, super nice quality. Plastics / fit and finish on par with Zooz, Hue. Comes with 2 sided ( English only ) comprehensive manual with every command class listed. It works as a repeater when paired using USB power.
It’s def just a white box of some other “branded” device as others have said.

Cool. Mine doesn't get here until Sunday.

Let me know if it pairs to the hub, and if it does what inClusters does it report it supports. Then I can likely get a jump on the driver.


EDIT: Or at least get a close-up picture of the page with "Associations" at the top. :+1:

It paired as a Ring Keypad G2 with this information. I’ll try a few motion detectors, but temp is showing accurate.


If some of the values don't report, turn on debug logging and post the logs for the missing events.

Will do. I switched to the Neo motion sensor and it appears to be working, I have to run to an appointment. So I’ll see what’s up when I return.
I did pair is as none security, and unchecked all other boxes.

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