Anyone used Trådfri Remote or Dimmer?

i did find the bidding app installed it but i added the puck before everything maybe i should disconect reconect and restart
and when i click configure nothing happens

Adding my support for hubitat supporting the 5-button remotes.

I started off with a tradfri hub, but switched to hubitat because it was so unstable I was having to reset my bulbs every couple of days. If I'd realised hubitat's lack of willingness to support tradfri in advance I'm not sure I'd have bought it but I'm here now.

I've replaced the remote I used previously with a hue one but the side buttons on the ikea remote make it much more useful for controlling colour/temperature than the hue remote in my experience.

Is anyone using the 5-button remotes with either the tradfri or hue hubs (or something else?) and then linking these to hubitat? Are their any issues using this method or is it seamless?

I have 22 of the IKEA on/off switch installed in my home, and until today had them connected to my 36 Hue bulbs using a Samsung Smart Things Hub. I bought the Hubitat hub because i was sick of the cloud latency.
It's very disappointing to learn that the switches are not supported :frowning:
They connect very easily to the hub, but nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.

Hey Mike,
what do you mean by saying "not a high priority"?!
HE was/is advertised as kind of "universal" product that support Zigbee.
Zigbee is a standard, isn't it?
Now you are saying that that standard is supported only partially? How come?!
And it's been 1.5 years since you posted that and still no changes here?!

What a disappointment... I though HE is a great universal product, kind of "jack-of-all-trades", supporting two most popular HA protocols and now it looks like it can't even reliable support devices from a big well-known brand!
What a rubbish box.... :frowning:

Same here, man. I am hugely disappointed in HE by now :frowning:

Not to mention lack of native MQTT support - a must have feature for any modern home automation! It is just unbelievable ...

To be fair, the list of natively supported devices is clearly provided on Hubitat's website. This forum is also a great resource to new users seeking solutions to their requirements.

HE has never been advertised as having support for every zigbee device in the marketplace. AFAIK it's only this particular tradfri device that doesn't work (which is really only a button, and there are plenty of viable alternatives that do work with HE), other ikea devices have drivers written for them or can use the built in ones.

If you must have this button working with your HE, I suggest 2 viable options are zigbee2mqtt and deconz (both routes of course do require an external raspberry pi or similar device).

Not sure native MQTT is must have for the majority of people :smiley:, however @kevin (among others) has done a great job in implementing it here [Beta] MQTT beta 3d (released 5th July). I believe there other implementations as well, or you can use node red for MQTT (as I do) which opens up a ton of other possibilities.


HE does include it's own built in MQTT driver - you can do pretty much anything with that.

Or you can give my MQTT app a try on the link above - it uses HE's inbuilt driver and is pretty capable and offers higher level features including device discovery. I don't know any other HA app that offers homie, HA MQTT and also HA Statestream MQTT support.

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With all due respect - are you talking about your MQTT Beta 3d app now? Or it is something else I completely missed?
I just started using HE but in order to use MQTT I had to install your driver and your app. It is a great app but why people like you have to spend time coding this while IMHO it should be implemented right from the beginning?

It's a driver not an app of course.. and I think you're implying an app should be available 'out of the box' as well but that's something that varies a lot in requirements between different users.

There's a lot of things that would be nice - I'm sure Hubitat have a huge list but they're a small company that have higher priorities in the software road map just at the moment so the community steps up. They're nicely open in their API access.

Anyway I hope my app is useful - if you've got any feature suggestions or find any bugs let me know. (The quirky editor and the fail on initial installation of the child driver are know)

Well, may be I am just heavily confused but I though that Zigbee, being a standard, should work the same way (from a user perspective) as let's say WiFi device.
When one purchases a device which says WiFi 802.11 compatible - he could be 99.9999% confident it would work with any other 802.11 device. Heck, even modern 802.11ac wifi implementation still works with that very first 802.11b version.
Isn't this the case with Zigbee?

Now I am trying to get IKEA smart bulb working. While it was discovered, it was set as "device" type so obviously nothing was working. I had to manually change it to "Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet" to be able to turn it on and off.
Strange thing - I just found a video on YouTube where a guy did the same but his HE managed to identify and select the type of the bulb by itself so he was able to switch the bulb and change brightness straight away. My HE is the latest version on the latest FW but I somehow missing this functionality. WHY??

Thank you for the suggestion but I already use Home Assistant running on my Intel NUC and I thought I could use HE to handle Zigbee/Z-Wave. If I am to use zigbee2mqtt and deconz - why do I need HE at all at first place?

Another "middle man", another component that may potentially fail. Well, I may have to look at that. Could you please point me to the right direction? I tried to search for nodeRed as an "app" for HE but was not able to find anything.

Because the Z-Wave and Zigbee implementation has been awkward on HA particularly Z-Wave suffering from restart delays as it has to rebuild the mesh, so many users are already using Zigbee2MQTT or Deconz via HA. There's a lot of work going on with a new MQTT middleman ZWave implementation on HA currently as I'm sure you're aware.

Notwithstanding that my app will publish almost any HE devices out to MQTT using the HA Discovery protocol and they will automatically appear in HA.

Or possibly even easier there is a HE addin for HA that will link with HE and recognise and control the devices via the Maker API interface in HE.

The Deconz/Zigbee2mqtt suggestion was helpfully made by @rocketwiz because if HE can't recognise the device maybe they can ? Obviously that's a prerequisite for my suggestions to be viable You could use both too.

The NodeRED integration is a set of 'Hubitat' nodes available within NodeRED that interface to your hub again via the Maker API. Nothing needs installing on HE.

Actually no, zigbee is a communications protocol. In order for a zigbee device to be recognised there must be a driver written for it. Just like connecting a device to your computer's USB port, if there is no windows/linux/mac driver installed, it won't work.

If I remember correctly older ikea bulbs with an early firmware wouldn't work at all. I can't be of any help here as all my ikea bulbs are linked via a Philips Hue hub.

If you don't mind me saying so, why get a hubitat then? HA already supports a vast array of devices.

EDIT: @kevin I wasn't aware of HA's zigbee limitations.

Actually, while that's definitely true I don't see it that way. There are plenty of other things node red can do.

Lol @kevin beat me to it!

Yes - I use zigbee2mqtt atm and there is a new driver by @martinez.mp3 Integrate deCONZ to make this work with a conbee.

Not really a good analogy - the transport layer is defined (so will connect to your WiFi network) but the higher level protocol could be totally custom. For an example there are dozens of WiFi lights/switches using different protocols like Shelly, Tuya, Tasmota, Lifx etc. that can't talk to each other or be supported by HE or HA without custom drivers. On HA many if not most of the device support has been created by contributors. It's been going a lot longer than HE.


I just wanted to add to this: Hubitat is light years easier to set up devices!!! I pretty much use my Hubitat as a de facto "Device Manager" for my Home Assistant install using this custom integration

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Friendly advice: I believe you will have a better experience if your first post in the community is not complaints about something that was never advertised as a feature, finishing with "What a rubbish box..." It just comes off as troll-ish. So while I could spend time helping clear up your misconceptions and help you have as nice an experience as I do, I think I will help other new users instead. I wish you luck.


Confirming this.

Try using Inovellis notifications in HA. What a headache.

It isn't the easiest in HE but still so much easier than HA.

I was not aware of issues with Zigbee/Z-wave and HA too. But the reason why I wanted HE with HA is that HA could handle all logic and HE could handle low-level communications such as Zigbee/Z-wave.
I thought that being purposely built hardware it could that without any issues.

Oh, that looks promising... thanks for the hint!

got your point but when I mentioned that example I was thinking more about computers, like when a user purchases USB WiFi adapter - it will work with his router, his phone, his laptop , desktop, hell - even with his kettle :slight_smile:

Big difference is that a wifi dongle is such a ubiquitous device that it is in the interest of the chipset manufacturer to produce the drivers for virtually every OS out there. Ikea designs their products to work with their own hub, not other manufacturers'.

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