Anyone know if these wall switches will work with Hubitat?

Wonder if they are AliExpress rip offs as well “works with the Google Assistant” ?

Zigbee Smartlife? Guy is selling them at $25 each 1/2/3 gang….Suss?

Almost all Zigbee switches that are mentioned somewhere to work with SmartLife should be working in Hubitat. This driver has the fingerprints of 30+ different such switches.

Most of these switches will work using Hubitat inbuilt 'Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch' driver. Some will require the mentioned above community driver. Some may not work with Hubitat.

“works with the Google Assistant / works with Alexa” means 'we know only about Tuya SmartLife application, that has a cloud integration to Google/Alexa'.

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Whilst they might work from a Zigbee stand point, Just note that they don’t show any RCM compliance and as such they’d likely void your house insurance due to them being non-compliant for EMI & Electrical safety.
Look for a tick inside a triangle, logo.


Cheers for that - I had my suspicions.

Being certified against the Canadian CSA E60730-1 standard seems serious. I have participated in such a project in the past...

'CONFORMS To UL' and CE marks doesn't mean much, these are simple self-assessment/declarations.

There is an ETL mark, however..

I suppose you can check directly with 2net - they are based or have representatives in Australia

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Part of the Australian & New Zealand, RCM compliance requirement, is that the product has to be labelled where possible.
Clearly those devices could be labelled.

Yes, this is strange - if a company is trying to make business in a particular region, they should comply with the regional standards... not overseas.

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