Anyone have any experience with these cameras, EUFY floodlight cams

EUFY floodlight cam.

This would be perfect for me I think. I really don't want to have to run wires but I currently have 4 mounted floodlights that would give me complete coverage of my property. Are there other cameras out there like these.

The problem would be I would need to replace all at once, since the floodlights are all on one circuit. They are pretty expensive at $299.00 per camera.

I currently have a EUFY door bell and have been fairly happy with it. It has Alexa integration so that allows me to tie it into HE and I assume these would as well. It has built in local 8GB of storage like my doorbell, I think that would cover a few days.

Still researching all the pros and cons but I thought I would ask here as I thought I might get some perspectives I might not have thought of.

@terminal3 You could get the Ring floodlight cam for $199 and do @bcopeland 's mod

Did you end up purchasing the Eufy floodlight 2k camera pro? Also interested if this can be integrated into Hubitat

I ended up buying the Eufy solar powered cameras. There is no real integration with HE. I can tie the motion sensors into HE via the Alexa integration, but that is it.

@ThunderboltsRock You can make your own with just a $25.00 flood light unit, any ip cam, and a motion sensor...