Anybody know where to get ZW15R / DZR15 - Leviton Receptacle Firmware?

It's been a while and I decided to go through all my Z-Wave devices and update them with the latest firmwares.

I am pretty much finished and everything looks good so far but I cannot find Leviton firmware for my receptacles. Specifically DZR15 which I see have been replaced by ZW15R.

When I do a get firmware status I have the following .50, .86, and 1.08 versions.

The various websites I have found so far even one from Leviton points to firmware for the switches but not the receptacles.

Anybody have suggestions?

P.S. bonus questions

When I try to a get firmware status on my Zooz Zen34 paddle switch Hubitat device status says 1.3 but Silicon Labs PC Controller defines it as a wall controller and will not let me do a Get Status but comes back complaining about a non defined wake up interval. How do you update on a battery style switch?

I have a couple of Ecolink door sensors. Hubitat does not show a firmware status nor does PC Controller show. Is there any way to check and update those?

Easiest is to use the Hubitat update methods (either system app or custom driver). Those will allow you to queue the update then wake the device to start it.

You can also convince PC Controller into thinking it is a non-sleepy device by checking the "listen" checkbox next to the node. Then you can use the firmware commands BUT you have to time your wake up of the device then click the command shortly after.

I don't think they provide firmware updates do they? You should be able to get the version using my method above to allow PC Controller to request it. If you find any updates let me know, I have an Ecolink tilt sensor.

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I haven't ever heard anything about DZR15 f/w, but the ZW15R has a beta firmware available that helps with the issue of them dropping off the mesh.

You need to email and ask them to help enroll you in the 15R beta.

These steps work for both the other f/w files Leviton has publicly available and the 15R beta f/w.

So I uploaded the Zen34 GBL file to the Device Firmware Updater app but when I go to the Update Firmware button I get the circular spin and then it says device did not respond.

Is there a device setting I should set that maybe I am missing for these battery devices (at least for Zooz) that gets it going or do I have to prepare the switch but hitting a button?

is the Z34 paired S2?

Edit... Either way, try these steps to do the firmware update (yes, they are very similar to the Leviton update steps I posted previously - basically the same process)... I don't have a Z34, but I have a bunch of other Zooz stuff and these steps have never failed me.

I don't know what the manual wakeup process is for the Z34, but its instructions should tell you.

You have to wake it up for listening, not just press any button.

The Updater app does not work for S2 paired devices, FYI. It will upload the entire file and then fail with an error.

So I did the 7 paddle presses and it goes blue for about 3 seconds and then immediately turns off.
I also disabled the device in the device column to stop other activity.

Then I start Firmware update on the standard app and it just sits there with the display:

Device Firmware Updater: Requesting Device Start Firmware Transfer.

When should the blue light go off and also should I keep the Zooz close to the hub during this process?

I have a Zooz Zen34 V1.0. What are you referring to when you say S2 paired device?

If the Z34 (or any other ZW device) is paired with S2 security, then the built-in firmware updater tool doesn't work. In that case, you need an alternate way to update the firmware. For folks who don't want to use a z-stick (like me), I came up with the steps I linked above - those steps will work regardless of what security the ZW device is paired with.

For updating battery devices using these steps, I've always had good luck with just waking the device up right before I initiate the update.

You need to start the update THEN wake the device. It sits there waiting for a wakeup notification from the device. They really should have instructions in the app for battery devices since it is not straightforward at all.

Same will apply if you have S2 security and need to use the driver updater. You can check the paired security on the Settings > Z-wave details page.

Thanks all. Thats apparently the trick. It goes back to sleep really quickly. I finally got it to load.

How do you get the device app to display the updated firmware status to verify the upgrade.
Does it just eventually get polled and updated?

Sometimes the system drivers are bad at updating the firmware version shown.
I think if you go back into the Firmware updater app and select the device then wake it up so the app pings the device it might save the firmware back to the device. Otherwise the community driver probably does it on a configure or a refresh.

I wound up excluding and reincluding to verify the firmware update.

Thanks for the help. I have asked Leviton to see if I can get ZW15R firmware. We shall see.