Anybody has a user manual for the v3 iris keypad?

Sorry, but I had to change batteries and now I cannot find a user manual for the v3 Iris keypad anywhere online...anybody has a link or can post it somewhere? Thanks!

Edit: my real issue is that I don't know how to repair a v3 keypad that was already paired after replacing all of the batteries (or does it need to be re-paired from scratch?). If someone knows how to do this that would work too. Thanks!

Edit 2: OK, I figured it out. After changing the batteries, the blue led kept flashing, as well as the three buttons (ON, Partial, OFF) and I thought they would re-pair themselves afterwards, but they did not. All I had to do is to go to the devices section on the desktop, and then activate "look for signee devices" WHILE the blue led were flashing (every time I pick up the keypads), right after I did that, the system found "previously paired" devices and they were automatically re-paired without having to do anything else. Thank you Ogiewon for you help and hopefully this helps someone else who didn't know how to re-pair v3 keypads. I will definitely keep the page Ogiewon sent me for future reference (strange that I could not find the actual user guide or even an old Lowe's YouTube video on how to pair/reset the v3 keypad; apparently they were scrubbed?).

I don't have an Iris keypad...but shouldn't it just reconnect on its own after a battery replacement? Like all other Zigbee devices? :thinking:

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Is this the manual you're looking for?

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No, I found that one already, it's for the 2nd and not the 3rd gen keypad. Thanks anyway.

I had thought so, but I have two v3 keypads with what I assumed were low batteries that were flashing blue, so I changed all the batteries but they just keep flashing blue. The device event log reports they were armed and disarmed, but the keypads themselves just flash the blue led and the ON - PARTIAL - OFF buttons if you press any keys on them...

What is the model number of the 3rd gen keypad?

I found this tip in the ST Forum for the Iris v3 keypad

Iris v3

  • Remove 1 battery and wait ten seconds
  • Re-insert the battery while holding down the reset button on the side and release when the status light blinks red once and then start blinking blue

from this post


IL201, thanks

Do you mean iL02_1 ?
If so this keypad will drive you nuts, if you're stuck with the older firmware.
I highly recommend the driver tweaked by @arnb.
It's located in the nyckelharpa thread, which is an awesome tool for hsm. I won't use HSM without it.

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Blue flashing light means device is ready to be paired.
Go to HE Hub menu-->click Devices-->click Discover Devices-->click Zigbee
Device(s) should show up, click save.

Next Challenge: get them working with HSM, Lock Code Manager or my Nyckelharpa app. Take your time it's a process.