Any zwave 700 outdoor plugs?

We recently put 2 wall mounted, oscillating fans on the back patio. It's covered, so the outlet won't get directly rained on, but I live in Florida so I need something that can stand up to the high heat and high humidity of a Florida summer. Maybe something like this. I can plug the fans into 1 outlet, and I plan on hanging some string lights and they can plug into the second outlet. However, this uses a 500 series zwave chip. I've decided that to future proof my zwave network, to only install 700 series devices going forward. I know this will currently limit me, but I'm fine with that.

Not that I have seen.

Odd.. If anything needs a 700 refresh it would be outdoor devices, where the extra range would be really beneficial.. But sure enough, just did a search and came up empty myself..


Exactly. But they are probably low volume sales items, so not 1st on the list to release I guess.

Jasco gen2, 500 series works well here. Decent range, too. Connected straight to my hub pretty much on the other side of my home, on the second floor.

Here I am putting up my Christmas lights and start to wonder the same question, only to Google it and find nothing but my own post I didn't even remember making. It seems there are still no 700 series outside plugs.

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I used Kasa Wifi outdoor plugs, much more cost effective for limited use. Got them all on sale so far this year, a double outdoor plug for under $20, one outlet controls the desk stairs permanently. A single outdoor I got for around $10 I think. And two indoor plugs for the garage and inside lights, just got on the deal posted here for $3.49 each. Cant beat that!

Do these work with Hubitat since they are Wi-Fi only? I'm looking for two outdoor plugs to migrate with the Hubitat system for my outdoor landscape lights.

Yes. There is a community integration for Kasa devices.

Yes they work great using the integration linked above, and can be totally local, no cloud to deal with. I just connected my small pool filter to one of the outlets on the double plug this week.

Only disadvantage of the Kasa stuff is that they must be polled, so you do not get instant notifications if a device is turned on manually. If the device is only controlled via automations then you don't have to worry much about the polling and I leave it set to the default 30 minutes.

I usually look for Zigbee or Zwave stuff but for some of the Kasa devices if you don't need instant status updates you just cant beat the prices.


Awesome and thanks for the quick reply. My two older plugs for my landscaping crapped out so went ahead and just ordered a couple of these that should get here today. Thanks again!

I never underwstand these outdoor plugs how is that any better (seems worse to me) than putting in a normal plug with an outdoor rated cover that lets the cord go up through the cover.. seems better protected to me that just an open plug plugged into those..



vs this


Do you mean to put in a smart receptacle, or an add-on plug? Not sure if there would be room in those enclosures for an addon plug, plus the device plug, and still be able to close it. My outdoor outlets still have the old metal flap covers so I am not sure. I really should upgrade them to the enclosures because those flap covers are not rated to be left propped open all the time, since water could get into the receptacle.

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Minoston makes a zwave 700 outdoor dimmer (that you can easily just use as a switch of course - although depending on load type it could affect overall lifespan of the device).

I have one, It works. But the wifi options mentioned should work too as long as you have decent signal at the location you need it.

I have these in my outdoor plug and it closes fine or you could use any smart receptacle. Just replace the.metal flap with a larger cover. I.did.


Thanks for the confirmation. When I add an outlet closer to the pool for the filter pump I will go this route with the covers. I was thinking I could also get a right angle plug if it cant make the bend sharp enough.

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I think it depends on the location and how exposed the outlet is. My street has had little kids move in so I want the inflatables on when the kids are out but don't want to keep them up all day and night (burns the fan motor out).

I have spaghetti stands of cords running to different sections of the yard and don't want to buy another damn cord. :sweat_smile: I don't have an extensive light display, and I am only doing two inflatables, so it's not a power drain. If I plug in the inflatables to the existing extension cord network the first option would be better since it will be out in the yard. My power outlet has a weather cover so I would use your second option.

Aeotec Outdoor Smart Plug - Z-Wave Wireless Smart Home Outdoor Outlet ZWA042, Works with Most Z-Wave Hubs - Control with App, Alexa, Google Using Compatible Hub (Black)

Seems odd they went with the 45-degree offset plug design on that -- would that even fit most in-use covers?

Wouldn't fit in any of mine...