Any way to integrate with smart watch?

Hello, I just recently received my Hubitat, and am still trying to figure out what I can do with it.

I was wondering if there was any way to have something like a dashboard tile (a button or a switch) on a smartwatch app?

Hubitat has a built-in Maker API App you can install and use to control devices fairly easily via simple http calls. So, if your watch has an app you can configure to make http calls, it should be fairly straightforward.

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Didn’t you do this?


Thank you for the response!

I've got a Google Wear OS watch and am not sure if is has an app that can make http calls, I'll have a look.

I'm not familiar with the Maker API app. Is there a resource I can view to learn how to control devices via http calls?

The official Hubitat documentation is always a good place to start.

I am an iOS user, so I don't have anything to add regarding how to achieve this on Android. I am sure there are many others who can chime in.

If your Hubitat is accessible outside your network (not really recommended) you might be able to use Tasker on a phone with the Auto Wear plugin. I did that for years with my aquarium controller, and just finally stopped because I did not want the controller accessible to the internet anymore (even WITH HTTPS and strong passwords).

If Tasker can be used to make https calls, then you can easily, safely, and securely use it in conjunction with Hubitat's Maker API (which exposes both local and cloud endpoints to whatever devices you choose.) No need to expose your Hubitat Hub to the internet.

This. Should be totally doable with the auto wear plugin.

I did yeah :wink:

Using Launcher for iOS and adding Maker API commands to the buttons.

You can use WearTasker to run any task you create in Tasker from your WearOS device.

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I just found pretty convenient way of triggering my devices from Wear OS watch (I use Fossil 5).
Putting it here, just in case somebody finds it useful.

  1. Browse to on your computer
    a. Set up an account if you don't have one
    b. Use search bar to find Hubitat, add it, authenticate to Hubitat and grant access to the devices that you need to trigger
    c. Use search bar to find "Button service", add it to the account
    d. Click "Explore" at the top-right and click "Create" button under the search bar
    e. Click on + sign, search and select "Button"
    f. Click on "Then", search and select Hubitat
    g. Select the action and the device and finish
  2. On your Android phone, install IFTTT app and sign into your ifttt account
  3. On WearOS watch
    a. Install ifttt app
    b. Optionally assign ifttt app to the hardware button (if you have them)
    c. Lauch ifttt app and scroll up/down through the buttons that trigger your devices!

Have fun!

I do this on my Fossil Gen 4 Wear OS Smartwatch using tasker and the PujieBlack watchface. Here's a post I made a bit ago:

Hubitat Actions from Smart Watch