Hubitat Actions from Smart Watch

I recently got a new watch-face for my Android Wear OS smartwatch. It's called Pujie Black and it allows you to add mini tap targets to the watch face that can be linked to Tasker actions (Tasker is an automation app for Android).

I made a few tasker actions that use the endpoints of Hubitat to initiate an action on Hubitat.

For example, hitting one button on the watchface unlocks the front door, one opens the garage door, one initiates my relax scene (sets all the lights in the common area to dim after dishes are done for the evening and we're just relaxing).

I'm wracking my brain trying to think of other actions that would be useful from a tap on my watch now!


Pretty darn cool. That's what I love about this place. People like you thinking outside the box and creating something that makes automation ... Well, automation. I'd have never thought to do that. Would love to read an actual write-up as far as how you connected things and version of watch, etc. Pictures are always cool too. I love to read about projects here. They contribute to so many new ideas and get people involved. Very cool.


Thanks! I'm at work currently but I can definitely write something up soon as I enjoy sharing. I've got so much help from people here so anytime I can do something somewhat helpful for the community I'm all over it!


If anyone figures out how to do this on apple watch I would be interested.

I, by design, don't have much experience with Apple products so I'm not able to help out. Maybe when I post how I'm doing it on Android, someone with experience with Apple will be figure out how to do something similar with and Apple Watch.

On my apple watch I have devices exposed to homekit using homebridge. Then from the watch I just tell it what to do.

"Hey Siri, open the garage door", "Hey Siri, turn on the backyard lights."

Your options are pretty much limited once you setup homebridge.

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With virtual switches you could also initiate several actions as well rather than just turn one device on or off, open or closed. There you go @potts.mike! I'm not sure what's involved with HomeBridge though!

I am doing the same. I have homebridge running in a docker container on my NAS. @dan.t’s work is amazing. It’s been great.


I have no idea if posted gifs will actually, well, gif, but here we go anyways:

Some HTML + Maker API = light on and then off via Apple Watch, no app, no HomeKit, no problem. Please note I literally threw this together in 5 mins. I spent 10 mins cropping the video so it wouldn't show home IP and what not, so sorry for the crappy quality



You can also get live camera feeds and alert snapshots on an Apple Watch via HomeBridge and Blue Iris.

Apple%20Watch%20Camera%20Alert Apple%20Watch%20Camera


One thing I've been wondering recently (I don't actually have a smart watch right now), is if there is any way to have a smart watch notify Hubitat of certain health tracking values. For example, is there a way that Hubitat could monitor your heart rate, or activity level? I could then use that information to automatically change thermostat settings in a room, for example.

Looks like I have an excuse to read up on homebridge over my vacation

Here's a quick video of unlocking the front door from my Android smart watch. You'll have to excuse the double tapping, I was watching where I was tapping through the screen of the smartphone I was recording with which doesnt work well for lining up taps!

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My one experience with an admittedly low-budget "smart" watch makes me skeptical of your project. The watch face was overly sensitive to false activation. Contact from sleeves, pockets or water droplets was interpreted as activations.
Good luck & evaluate thoroughly.

I've had various Android smart watches for about 6 years now. No problems like you are mentioning. I think your "low budget" smart watch was the issue. You get what you pay for.

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I got homebridge up and running and it’s working great on my watch.

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Can you post that http? @morningz

That looks pretty cool, got me a Wear OS watch last week (Fossil Gen 5) and have tried the Pujie watch face... I need to look into this more.

My main wants on a watch face are:

Dual time zone
Next up calendar notification
Step counter
Automation like what you have

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