Any update on when we can get the new "Hub Protection Service"?

The problem with this issue, especially for those led to purchase a new hub in the hopes that they would be able to use this new service, is that Hubitat is now flirting with misrepresentation of service, which is a legal offense.

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Would you rather they released it now, take your money and then have issues with the service.
Personally I would rather wait until they are happy all the wrinkles have been ironed out and then release the service.
I'm sure they are beavering away in the background getting this service ready for release as this is another revenue stream for them.

Just my thoughts...........


I’m not sure that a forward looking statement, such as a prediction of a product release, subjects them to any sort of legal consequences. Either way, I don’t think it makes sense from anyone’s perspective to rush a product. That just leads to everyone being upset. I’d recommend always buying a product for its current feature set, not a planned future state.


I'm not complaining about the matter. I'm just stating that, according to what I have read in this thread, it was supposed to be released in August 2020. I understand it takes time to develop, but I also see people who were misled. Misleading information regarding a product can be a problem. Don't shoot the messenger here...

by this logic, you could sue all the companies that have IFTTT compatibility on their box but are no longer part of that service. it's a very weak argument as the point of the hub is to connect smart home devices, and it does that

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Our desire to bring this service to market did not mean that we would find it easy to do. We encountered unexpected problems, and those lead to delays. We usually keep quiet about what we are planning to bring out, and in hindsight that would have been a good thing to do here as well. Our intent was certainly never to mislead anyone about it. Having failed before in our estimate of when this could be made available, we are not going to say anything about that now, other than it is still a top priority for us.

Having said that, you should also know in advance that we will not be able to backup and restore the Zigbee radio settings. It turns out that the hardware we use for Zigbee does not support this capability.


Thanks for the update. Believe me, I do understand the double edged sword of when you release your roadmap publicly! I’ve become a fan of vague roadmaps (2021-first half vs 2021-second half) for this very reason.

Good to know on the zigbee but for me that’s not a big deal. I have about 80 zwave devices and only 6 zigbee so I’m fine migrating them manually.


Also zigbee migrations are much easier.


Not so sure about that.

You’re putting your personal interpretation of what others have written, and your presumed knowledge of false advertising regulations in one or more countries, into your statement.


Yeah. Also, for such a lawsuit you’d sue for damages. What are your damages for the $120 hub? Yup that’s right $120. So hire a lawyer, pay court costs, wait six months for it to play out... to end up with a check for $120 and a bill for $30000. Sounds like a win to me!


are there plans in the work for a new generation with a different zigbee chipset so we can support that functionality?

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That question is a variant of "have you stopped beating your wife?"


not at all sure what you mean by that.. it was a legitimate question in my book.

Meaning that a loaded question. So you know the answer :grinning:

This seems relevant to you question.

ok thanks... but not necessarily true at least for hubs..i am not asking when it is coming out if it is.. i remember reading that the c7 was in the works for awhile when 5's where out of stock..

That doesn't bode well for ZigBee updates then, for example 3.0 or green power. So we will be waiting for a C8 then.

These are not related to the backup/restore issue.


Just making sure I'm following as I am not voiced on all the C7 specifics.

I bought my hub in August after seeing some advertisement saying something along the lines of "hurry and get yours today... to take advantage of the hub protection service." I was happy with the C5 but bought a C7 anyway based on the ad's language of significant advantages of doing so.

Since then I've read to wait before deploying as the service would make the switchover from one hub to another much easier and prevent a bunch of manual work.

Am I now right to understand this hub service likely won't be out any time soon -- and when it does get released, it will not offer anything in the way of making the transition from a C5 to C7 hub any easier or less manual?

The current suggested path is just bite the bullet and crawl around, resetting Zwave switches around the house and rebuild the hub devices manually -- something that is unchanged since I put it on the shelf when first purchase in August?

Is that right? 'Just want to make sure as it will be quite the undertaking with all our devices and I don't want to do so if an easier solution is coming.

Zwave devices will transfer over without any need for exclusion/inclusion on your part.

Zigbee devices will have to be put into pairing mode. They will join the new hub with their original names and device-ids, so automations will not have to be redone.

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