Any update on when we can get the new "Hub Protection Service"?

I just got my new C-7 hub and am looking to migrate one of my C-5's to it. Any idea on when the new "Hub Protection Service" offering will be available? I'm anxiously waiting....

They usually post major announcements like that in the News category.

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I have no inside information, but I suspect that they are going to wait until the huge rush of C7 stuff calms down a bit. They are a small team, and putting too many new things out at once would be a support nightmare.


I have a sneaking suspicion it will be announced shortly after the next release 2.2.3
I'm pretty sure they have it running and currently testing so I think it will be soon,

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To paraphrase Galdalf. The service is never late, nor is it early, it'll arrives precisely when it means to.

Ps close this thread :crazy_face:


So there is no migration tool available yet? No point in opening the box on my C7 if there isn't yet.

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^^^This. As a soon-to-be C7 owner I would expect and hope that they are currently focused on addressing the new C7 issues that are bubbling up, including the pairing issues that some are experiencing. That would be the approach of the product teams that I have worked with in the past.

And of course, @Shaneb , Gandalf is always right. :smiley:

You could start it up, be sure it works, update it, and get familiar with the new menus while you are waiting.

Besides, who can resist opening a shiny new toy for more than a day or two!


Not me.


I even go next door and open my neighbor's new toys.


New Menus? What new menus are there in the C7? I haven't even started the transition from my C4, but I'm interested in new menus.

I am not for sure, as I have only seen screenshots. But I think that there are more things in the Zwave section, mostly to support the new Zwave features.

in the settings or something? right now I have my C-7 up but didn't migrate over yet, still got everyone on my C-5. I can compare the menus and see what's different

The zwave settings page has a "zwave log" screen now. That's kind of it though.

If you want to see some of the secure pairing screens you can look through the zwave documentation, they are all shown there:
Z-Wave Manual - Hubitat Documentation

C-7 to the right


Had a question regarding this. Ive got a c7 inbound and am dreading the migration from c4.

If i plugged my nortek stick from the c4 into the c5 and restored backup from c4, would i then be able to do the full backup with the stick data and transfer that to c7?

Apologies if this was answered somewhere.

I thought I read that the Platform won't recognize an external Series 5 ZWave controller. In other words, the C-7's Platform only knows about the new 700 ZWave stack and SDK.

You know.. I have a C-7 here AND an Aeon Z-Stick PLUS the cable... I should try it. :smiley:


Thats why I said put it all on a c5 hub. Then do the backup utilizing new service. And then transfer that to the shiny c7

Edit maybe I misunderstand what your saying...

I asked this question before, and as I understood it (I could have got it wrong, though), you couldn't do a transfer from a Nortek to C-7 no matter what.

Only devices paired to the in-box C-5 radio could be migrated to the C-7.