Any update on when we can get the new "Hub Protection Service"?

Unless you have a local fire or catastrophic event that wipes out all of your local backups, and you have no backups saved in the cloud for the second hub.

For those of us that are tired of waiting - what exactly does a standard backup restore? Would I be able to easily move all my automations and just have to worry about unpairing and repairing all my devices?


Further, all your zigbee devices will slot back into their existing device-ids as long as you re-pair them to the new Hubitat. This means that you won't have to fix automations that use zigbee devices.

Z-wave devices will have the excluded and then included. They will get new device ids, so automations that use these devices will have to be fixed.

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Whilst this is true, a thread was issued by Bryan showing how z-wave devices can also be migrated without having to re-write rules.
This is how I did my z-wave devices.
It does work but can be a bit painful.

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Thanks. I'll have to give this some more thought. It's been quite annoying (for me) that the hub protection service is so delayed. I eagerly scooped up a C7 hub because the zwave performance of my relatively new C5 is pretty poor with a lot of devices. Paid nearly $200 CAD by the time it got to me, and has been updated but sitting and doing nothing since then. I guess if I had both hubs up and running I could easily enough include, exclude zwave devices, copy automations, then select new device ID's...

What about other integrations - Alexa, google, life360, etc.?

For info, here is the thread which is extremely helpful.


thanks bobs

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Mine has been sitting in its box as well since the middle of September.


Not until 2.2.5 at the earliest now according to the last Hubitat Live.


And when is 2.2.5? LOL

I'm putting my money on end of December. Unfortunately I have no money, so that is an empty statement. :slight_smile:


Just saying I wouldn’t keep a new C7 in a box waiting :slightly_smiling_face:

Ken, I know just what you mean, but I have dozens of devices, some of them barely accessible, and I'm still recovering slowly from open heart surgery and just can't stomach the notion that I'd have to set-up a new hub from scratch. If it weren't for that, and were I steady enough to climb a step ladder, I'd have done it long ago. Meanwhile, my C5 works well, so I'll just wait.



Jeff - while I do miss reading your posts, they can wait until your recovery is complete.

Get well soon!


I work in intensive care, so I completely understand why you still have your C7 in a box. I hope you are recovering well.



Praying for a speedy and full recovery for you.


Thanks! Why my recovery is so much slower than the Cardiologists predicted is still not understood, but I am most definitely recovering steadily, now, and expect that by late Spring I'll even be back on my bicycle. Don't worry about me, anyone! I have a cushy life, here, with a stair lift and lots of family to help.


Those cardiologists! What do they know anyway? Only 10 years of school and a little bit of CME now and again! :laughing:


Hello, do we know when the Hub Protection Service will be released? They did a fantastic job with 2.2.4, guessing they put this new protection service on the back burner or in 2.2.5 release.


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We prefer updates.

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