Any plans to support Mitsubishi Kumo Cloud?

I have one of the Mitsubishi HVAC mini-split systems which has a cloud-based app called Kumo Cloud. It worked with Alexa up until a couple days ago, so now I'm wondering if Kumo Cloud could be supported in HE?

Does anyone else here have Kumo Cloud and how are you using it in your home automation?


I’m installing a Kumo cloud device this week and also would love it if native support is available.

The only cloud service that Hubitat Elevation can control at this moment is IFTTT. However, if you have the 2nd gen WiFi adapters, you can control Kumo Cloud with Google Assistant. Therefore, one of your answers is to use Google Assistant Relay.

By using Rule Machine and choosing Google Assistant Relay as the speech device, you enter the phrase to control your device, and prefix that phrase with [CC]. The result is, Hubitat Elevation will be able to silently tell google assistant to control your Google compatible devices. Works amazing! I control several devices that are cloud only, and even though one of them is also they supported by IFTTT, the Google Assistant Relay is much faster and significantly more reliable.

However, why not just use IFTTT? Kumo Cloud is supported.

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And today I learned about the Google Assistant Relay. Very cool! This will work!

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Would Google Assistant Relay be able to perform functions such as change air direction that you can do in the kumo cloud app? Or it can only set the temperature?

I only use Amazon Alexa with it, but looks like only ON/OFF, set temperature and set Mode (Heat/Cool/Auto) are available.

I have a mitsubishi MSZ-FH09NA. I could buy and install the wireless access point to use Kumo Cloud, but I've read nothing but bad reviews. Because of that I grabbed a sensibo, but I'm not very thrilled with it. It only supports about half of the functions of the mini-split.

Could you provide any feedback on Kumo Cloud? Is it as bad as the reviews say?

I had my Mitsubishi mini-split installed about a year ago. Initially all it had was the wireless remote (which is IR). It's okay for basic functions and setting timers but i really wanted more.
I bought the wireless access point which allows you to control the unit remotely with your smart phone or tablet. Last year, I don't know if was their app or their cloud (or both) but response was horrible. About half the time I couldn't connect to it to control it. After the spring of this year there have been several app updates (and maybe cloud updates too) and these problems have vanished. I am always able to connect.
One important feature that having their cloud control adds that wasn't available before (at least I don't think it was available) is the ability to schedule settings for daily or any/every day of the week. I find it very useful for keeping the room comfortable for times of heaviest use and to combat humidity at times where it tends to go up.

I really appreciate the feedback. Outside of Alexa, are you able to hook it up to any other systems?

I think I'm going to give it a shot. The sensibo is ok, but it loses a decent chunk of the functionality of my remote (different airflow programs, can't control the horizontal airflow).

We have a Kumo cloud hooked up to a Mitsubishi mini split. Took about 5 minutes to install. It’s in an office so we only use it when we are in the room. Installed it back in May and it’s been working great since then. Both via the Kumo Cloud app and Alexa. If I had to do it again I’d still buy it.

Got everything installed and kumo cloud all setup. I'm much happier with it than a sensibo. I'll be digging into IFTT today. Thanks for the recommendations everyone!

You all might like to check in with this thread. Intesis integration for HVAC units

I've just had the a/c installed, but have not yet had a chance to use the Driver for integration. You will have to ask the developer if he's willing to release it to you, as he did for me.

Thanks Mike, I just requested it on that thread as well.

The Mitsubishi WiFi adapter has been updated to version 2 (PAC-USWHS002-WF2) . Has anyone used this updated adapter?

Anyone who has this setup can you let me know, is the "off" option available?? I need to be able to set either heat, cool, auto, dry, AND OFF from within HE.
Thx in advance!

I'd consider writing an integration for Kumo. I am currently writing (incredibly slowly) an integration for the European MelCloud. I'd still recommend looking around for other options, but I may get to this at some point.

How many Fosters vouchers would it take to convince ya to rattle your dags on this one? :beer: :smiley:

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Very amusing cultural reference, unfortunately it's mostly boutique craft beers here nowadays :grin:

I might be able to get something basic going fairly easily, but I should get something out for the European version first. Let me see where I get to in the next few weeks.

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Kumo and Mysa are the two reasons I had to eat the $1.99 IFTTT monthly fees :frowning:

That's an idea, maybe I should charge $1.99 a month if I develop a driver.... :yum:. Just kidding, hopefully I can get something going soon for you guys. I'm also happy for anyone else to step in and get started on one.

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