Intesis integration for HVAC units

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First post, I wish this would be a basic/simple question but here it goes. I need to integrate a Daikin system (6 wall units + 1 common compressor/condensor)

Daikin and many other manufacturers of HVAC units use the Intesis gateway that uses Wifi or Bacnet to connect to Control4, Vera, Fibaro, Savant, etc.) This gateway connects most brands of AC units on the market. I've looked everywhere but I can't find anyone within the Hubitat/Smarthings community that has a solution for connecting to this gateway. I know that on Smarthings, some of the units could work with some code from Bendews. [RELEASE] Daikin WiFi Split System v1.4.1 - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community
but I have no idea if this thing could work or could even be ported to Hubitat.

Here Intesis's web page on how to make a device handler (I Think)

I have a Panasonic HVAC with the Intesis Wifi Interface. Control is accessible through their mobile app or the socket based cloud API.

I’ve written a custom driver for the IntesisHome Cloud based API and are able to control my unit as a thermostat in Hubitat. Don’t know if your gateway is using the same API endpoints but I can share the code if you want to test.

Hi zenblom,

Yes, I would be very interested, thank-you !

Hi Zenblom, did you find the code you were telling about ?




Sorry totally forgot about this...

To be sure, the driver i wrote is using the IntesisHome cloud mobile API. If you don't use it my driver won't do you any good besides perhaps show how to connect to a socket API.

So, are you able to control your unit with the IntesisHome mobile app?

Are you able to share the driver. I am getting an air conditioner installed that has this option, and I'd love to be able to integrated into hubitat.

I'd also love to try this driver out. If you could share it that'd be awesome! Thanks!

Me too.. saw this over at home assistant. Looks interesting. But I've also got no idea

Has anyone got this working? i would love to add my HVAC with HE.

Here is what I use for intesisHome

intesis_connect.groovy - App to connect (and it will create devices if drivers below are installed)

intesis_telnet.groovy - communication driver
intesishome.groovy - thermostat device

Install device (HE console -> Drivers Code)
Install connect app (HE console -> Apps Code)
Create new app. (HE console -> Apps -> +Add User App. (select IntesisHomeConnect)

  • enter your intesis username and password -> then hit done
  • This should create the needed devices.

There are 3 files in this gist.

thankyou very much nh.schottfam works great..

See here for current integration release

Hi I installed the drive drivers and the app and seems like it has issues in the logs complains about some nullpointer exceptions when getting some responses. Is there any updates to this code?

No one else using this code still?

Also there is now official apis too any integration?

So which integration are you referring to? If it is in the other thread, you should have the discussion there. I use regularly the integration I listed a couple notes back.

Hi all,

First post, please be kind :slight_smile:

I'm just considering now which Intesis model to get for my AC.
I saw there are two options, AC Cloud Control, and Home Automation Interface.

If I understand correctly, the integrations here are for the Cloud control version. But the Home Automation version seems preferable as it can be ran locally. Am I understanding this correctly? Or should I stick with the Cloud version so that I can use this integration and have their cloud service to fall back on if things don't work as planed?
Does anyone know if there is an integration for the Home Automation version?

P.S: I find it very annoying that they separate the products... no real reason for it not to be one product that can run in both modes.

Yes, this is written for the cloud version. This is also how their mobile app works on your phone.