Any plans to become a ring partner?


Ring still doesn't have an open api but they now have a more open partner program. Has hubitat joined or plans to join? This is the one integration I lost switching from smartthings... Yeah I can do some stuff through alexa but it's not quite the same as having "true" ring devices.


Cloud integrations are on the bottom priority list of this locally ran hub platform......they have integrated a few like IFTTT, google, alexa, etc......but they are low priority especially if there are workarounds currently like you stated.


Their "partner" program is basically shutdown after the Amazon acquisition.


They posted about it as recently as last month on Twitter so I don't think that's accurate. Ring on Twitter: "Hey neighbor! Through our Ring Partners Portal, you can request access to integration tools, including Ring APIs, webhooks and unique keys. Sign up here if you’re interested:…"


I've been back and forth with them through Simplex Technology trying to get setup for doing ISY and HomeSeer integrations with Hubitat on the roadmap and they are less than responsive and not open to new or "smaller" companies.

But why not try again right?

[EDIT] Following the link (again) it tells me I've already requested.... so I have emailed them AGAIN which will be like a dozen times and multiple phone calls...


Ugh. Oh well. Guess it was wishful thinking :disappointed:


I don't think the answer is to integrate with Ring. I think the answer is for a better dorbell/camera platform to be created. I have a ring, but I actually don't like it. Motion is too sensitive, even on the lowest setting, you can't point it to local storage, etc...


That's a matter of opinion. I'm very happy with my ring. The answer for me is an integration, not for a new company to maybe spring up with a better product. I'm not planning to spend $2000 to replace all the devices I already bought.


I had the same experience.

Unfortunately, lots of people are buying into each of the walled gardens, so instead of the Internet of Things, we have lots of little silos that only get connected when the various corporate overlords approve the interconnections. :open_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face:


I reallllllllllllllllly wish Ubiquiti would come out with a small doorbell camera.... (and not the early access two way intercom thing).


This is being explored.